Crazy About Your Body

January 19, 2021

I’m doing Hot Girl Things

Body crazy, curvy, wavy, body-ody-ody-ody-ody…We’re only a little bit obsessed with Megan the Stallion! If you haven’t heard her song “Body” yet, we highly suggest listening to it! It’s the confidence anthem, making you feel like a real hot girl. If there’s one thing we love and appreciate about recent years, it’s that women of all shapes and sizes have been given platforms. We can look out into the world and see a fellow curvy girl, or a fellow tall girl, a girl we can all relate to. 

Celebrating Beauty of Every Stage

The unrealistic beauty standards put on women are all too real and we’ve all felt the familiar twang of sadness as we see a “model” or a woman we think represents what we “should” look like. This has torn us down as a gender when in reality, there’s so much more room and joy to be found in uplifting one another, showing each other that self love is possible, and creating space to be positive about our bodies. Our bodies carry us through so much from having children to having the ability to love, to understanding our intuition to starting businesses and being passionate creators. We love celebrating all of your milestones with you! Our maternity sessions celebrate motherhood, bridal sessions help build excitement for the big day, and our Family brand, Photography by Jodi Lynn, offers professional headshots

A Journey of Self Love 

When you are a guest at Le Boudoir Studio, you are going to be surrounded by women who want to make you feel confident! We photograph all women, helping them to see the natural born confidence inside them and feel what real body positivity is. A photoshoot with us means a celebration of your beauty, your uniqueness, the elements of you that no one else has. Self love does not always come instantly to us but doing something for yourself that you know will make you feel good is the first step and a great one at that. Jodi Lynn understands the struggles of loving yourself, after undergoing breast augmentation to help her self confidence, and then developing Breast Implant illness, she has been a strong advocate for loving your body as it is

Do it for Yourself! 

We highly recommend that all women should do a boudoir shoot at some point in their lives. It is such a confidence booster and can help kick start your self love journey or merely be a step along the way. Le Boudoir is not just about making you feel sexy or trying to make you look hot for someone else but instead this is an experience for you! Maybe you want to bring a friend or two and have a fun day all together, it’s completely up to you. We believe and know that empowered women, empower women and we want to be a catalyst in this self love world.

  1. I am wanting to have Boudoir photoshoot for my 60th Birthday in Feb. 2022. I know it is a little early, but I don’t want to leave anything until the last minute. I am celebrating me, if I have to do it by myself. Please reach out with suggestions on when to call or book for a consultation to get started. Thanks. Valerie Austin 773-203-3308/

    • Jodi says:

      Hey Valerie! Happy Birthday and I would love to chat and get you all set up! We are currently booking September to Spring so it is great that you reached out early:) I left you a voicemail and will email you promptly as well, cant wait to see you!

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Le Boudoir Studio has had the privilege of working with so many fantastic ladies! Our clients are fantastically talented in their own life which is always great for us to help celebrate. Not only do we get the privilege of giving our clients the full boudoir photography experience; our clients get to share their businesses, hobbies and talents with us. Win win! One of our fabulous boudoir photography clients is a lady by the name of Lesley. Lesley has created an awesome business that we think you ladies (and gents!) should know about! It’s called Boy Keeps Girl.

Boy Keeps Girl – take the guesswork out of gifting


Here’s the Boy Keeps Girl “About Me” section that explains all about the awesome service they provide:

“Boy Keeps Girl was designed to help boyfriends and husbands with the uncertainty of gift-giving. It is often difficult to know what your loved one wants, what size she wears and which designers are her favorites. In addition to creating a place to store her specific gift preferences, we go a step further by cutting all the guessing out by allowing her to create a queue of specific gifts that she wants.

The idea for Boy Keeps Girl came from our founder, Lesley, who experienced all of the awkward conversations that surround gift-giving. Lesley’s husband struggled with ideas of what to buy. He would ask her around special occasions each year to email him a list of specific gifts she would like for the holidays. Lesley’s husband and his friends would talk about keeping ideas in the ‘notes’ section of their smart phones, only to be accidentally deleted, putting reminders in the calendar of their phones so they wouldn’t forget an anniversary, or misplacing the magazines with doggie-eared pages they would discover were left out for them by their girlfriends or wives around Valentine’s Day.

In an attempt to save men from these perils and overall gift-giving anxiety, Boy Keeps Girl was born. Boy Keeps Girl helps him keep you {spoiled} by telling him what you want and when it is time to get it for you.”

Boy Keeps Girl – keeping him organized and you spoiled!

Genius! How does the Boy Keeps Girl service work?

“Boy Keeps Girl makes it easy for him to know what you want, every time. Your sizes, your favorite flowers, your ring size, favorites stores, and everything else he needs to know to keep you well gifted.

1. Fill Out Our Simple Gift Profile: Complete as many fields as you wish, some fields are required, most are not. Your significant other can use your profile for inspiration to surprise you on special occasions or just because!

2. Add Gift Ideas: Add gifts you desire to your queue through our super easy system. You may have up to 20 items in your queue. Your significant other can use the queue to gift you exactly what you desire!

3. Tell Him About It: Enter his email address. He will get an email from us letting him know who we are and that you’ve created a gift profile. The email includes a link to your profile with the password you created. It’s that easy!

He will receive an email reminder a month, two weeks, and again just before each holiday or special occasion including a link to your profile.”

You can register here on the Boy Keeps Girl website! This is such a fantastic idea especially with Valentine’s Day is coming up! If you’re done with having the “what do you want for your birthday/holiday/special occasion?” conversations; Boy Keeps Girl has you covered!

Thank you to Lesley for being a boudoir photography client of Le Boudoir Studio and for creating such an awesome service for couples! We’re sure you’ll be helping to put a lot of smiles on ladies faces. We’re happy to share this service with our clientele. Cheers to 2015!


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Meet Miranda, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.