The best lifestyle photographer in Gilbert, Arizona is now offering Lifestyle Portraits!

Have you ever found that you look better in some photos versus others? There are many characteristics to taking a good photo. Lighting, posing and quality camera equipment can turn your photo from good to great. We decide if we like and trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face. This is why a great photo will set you apart from the rest! 

Time for Moms to take Center Stage

As women, we are often behind the lens. We photograph our children, our spouses, families and friends. There are dozens of “invisible moms” who are rarely seen in photos with their children, family, and friends. Everyone has a personality and we love showing yours off! From unique props and locations, we want to reflect who you are in all aspects of your life.

Mamas, you don’t need to wait until a holiday to treat yourself! A session with Le Boudoir Studio is always the perfect gift to give whether to someone else or to yourself!

Photography that shows your personality

Do you need to be a stereotypical business professional for gorgeous headshots? Absolutely not! Headshots and Lifestyle photography are great for content creators, social media influencers, blog writers, teachers, realtors, small business owners, and anyone with a side hustle! We have even had individuals want to update photos for their dating profiles. Now you can come to Le Boudoir Studio for your business photography needs! We include hair and makeup in all our packages to make sure you feel pampered and look your absolute best regardless of your session type.

If you loved your boudoir experience with Jodi Lynn, we encourage you to come back for your lifestyle photos as well! This is the perfect opportunity to have high-quality images with a fun, welcoming, and professional environment.

Make a great first impression

At our Gilbert Arizona based studio, we have created the perfect studio environment to help you capture the perfect headshots for your business or social media sites, or for that special someone!. Our professional, glamour and/or business headshots are not only beneficial for your business, but are a positive reflection of yourself as a business owner. We have worked with numerous businesses and have seen first hand how our headshot photography has improved their client outreach and now we are ready to help you. 

If you are a small business owner,  social media is an amazing marketing tool which allows us to reach millions of potential clients. An excellent professional headshot can make you stand out from the crowd.  As a general rule of thumb, you should update your headshot every two years for business profiles such as LinkedIn and your business website.  Whether you are looking to update your LinkedIn profile, or looking for Lifestyle photography for your social media or blog, Jodi Lynn can help your personality shine through photography. 

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Knowing your Worth

March 7, 2022

March brings promises of warmer weather and springtime. Soon we will be out enjoying spring training, and great weather in this beautiful state of Arizona. Women’s history month also takes place in March. Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the United States since 1987. This month we would like to recognize and celebrate a very special woman, YOU!

Girls Run the World

Women are beautifully and wonderfully made. Our bodies can support life. We are caretakers, ambitious entrepreneurs, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts. To celebrate being the beautiful inner goddess you are, let’s love your body with a boudoir shoot. There are many ways to love yourself and treat yourself. Le Boudoir Studio has a variety of boudoir packages for you to spoil yourself with. Boudoir photography is about celebrating yourself as a woman. About creating a vision of the woman you feel like you are on the inside, and bringing it to life. You are more than a mother, wife, teacher, or nurse. You are fierce and important. You are strong and independent.

Breast Implant Illness Awareness

With March being Women’s History Month, we want to bring awareness to Breast Implant Illness. Breast implant illness (BII), occurs in some women who receive breast implants. The Implant Truth Survivors Committee founded National Breast Implant Awareness Month in March of 2018 to help women make informed decisions about breast implants and to educate them about the risks associated with all kinds of breast implants. We have had several victims of breast implant illness in Le Boudoir Studio, including our own Jodi Lynn

Disclaimer: Not every woman who has breast implants will develop Breast Implant Illness (Bii). Le Boudoir Studio only seeks to educate women who may be experiencing symptoms of Bii. At Le Boudoir, we do not judge. Whether you have implants, have had an explant or have never had implants, you are beautiful and worthy.  

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In Her Own Words

In Jodi’s own words, “I got to the point where we couldn’t go to events as a family. I could only walk from the parking lot to the ticketing lines before I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk anymore. My daughter would have to be in daycare on a day I was working from home because it hurt to pick her up. Something was wrong and my fear was my little girl growing up asking, “why cant mommy come out and play”.

I had a client one day at Le Boudoir Studio that I overheard talking while she was getting her hair and make-up done for her session. She was talking about the aches and pains she was going through, the autoimmune diseases that she was diagnosed with and without even thinking, I walked in and asserted myself in the conversation. I needed to, she sounded just like me. She began to tell me about her surgery in a few months of Explanting. She would be removing her implants after some research she had done. It was about healing Breast Implant Illness. It suddenly hit me, all these years of suffering and now I know.”

You are Beautiful

Jodi Lynn believes in the importance of women feeling beautiful and self confident. Whether you are an A cup or a H cup, your body is a beautiful work of art. If you are looking to recapture that amazing feeling of being confident with your body, come into the studio!  A boudoir shoot unleashes a sense of confidence and self-worth that was always there but that may have been hiding under layers of doubt.  We focus on instilling confidence in your life, body, and experience, and encourage you to embrace your strength and vulnerability as a woman. You deserve to feel confident and sexy in your own skin, and we’re here to help you find that space for yourself.

We empower you to show us who you really are. No matter your size, boudoir is all about courage, strength, vulnerability, and boldness. With us, boudoir photography is about creating an opportunity to reveal who you are, where you’ve come from, and to wield your version of confidence and courage.

Update: 3/8/2022
FDA adds boxed warning to breast implants
She’s the reason Arizona has a law requiring surgeons to warn patients about the dangers of breast implants



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