Amanda is a Mom, a freelance model, a collaborator, and the ultimate believer and supporter of WOMEN. I have known her for about a year and half now, and met her through a Facebook Networking group for women. This group has been profoundly helpful for me personally not only as a hair and makeup artist, but also now as a full-time photographer. I have met some of my closest friends and colleagues through this group, and I wanted to share my appreciation and give back to Amanda and her continuous hard work and dedication of creating this wonderful community.

From the moment we finally met, Amanda was kind, supportive, and incredibly professional. I first collaborated with her on some hair and makeup looks, and only recently started working with her on the photography side. I knew she would look like an absolute bombshell with the red satin sheets and mirror sets, and let me tell you, she NAILED the concepts so perfectly.

And yes, we are officially announcing two new LIMITED sets for Le Boudoir Studio! More information at the end of this blog.

Q: Tell us more about your group Women Networking in Photography, your role there, and what the main purpose and goals of the platform are.

A: Women Networking in Photography is a global community with 24 chapters connecting over 20,000 women worldwide! I founded the organization in 2018 and it became a nonprofit organization a couple years later.  The mission is to educate, uplift and empower women in the photography industry. During the last 5 years we have helped each other grow and develop as artists and professionals, supported and protected each other from industry predators, collaborated and created amazing art together, all while networking and cultivated new friendships. I believe with my whole heart, that everyone can achieve goals and make their dreams come true if we work together! That’s what makes Women Networking in Photography so special! Collaboration over competition.

My goals for 2023 is to have 25 chapters worldwide. My long-term goal would be to create an app where members can connect, support and collaborate more efficiently outside of social media. I would also love to open an office space/studio in Phoenix for members to connect in person for meetings, workshops, photo shoots, events, photographer and model lending closets and more!

Q: How has working with women of all different backgrounds influenced you/the way you model/and the way you approach collaboration? 

A: Working with all types of women is fun and exciting for me. There is so much to learn and working with an array of women teaches me so many different things. Learning what to do and what not to do. When everything becomes a learning experience, that helps me grow as an artist. Bringing my best to any collaboration is important, so I approach each project with an open mind and heart as well as making sure I am doing the necessary preparation. When pre planning for a shoot, I look online for pictures of the concept for inspiration, then try to practice in the mirror expressions and poses that go with the theme. This gives me confidence to know what my body and face look like in the camera. Also self-care beforehand so I can look and feel my best in front of the camera. A good night’s sleep and eating something before a collaboration can make all the difference.

Q: How has becoming a Mom changed the way you perceive yourself, your body, and other women? 

A: Doing a boudoir photoshoot has definitely helped me find my sexy again after having a baby. The self-care to prepare for the photo shoot, followed by the day of hair and make-up and doing the photo shoot is all very empowering and even therapeutic.

Knowing I can do things I once thought was impossible. My body is strong and beautiful. It brought life into this world. Mothers are so amazing and of course I have so much respect for anyone who’s ever had a baby… And anybody who’s ever done it more than once, is incredible! So, although I am still 50 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant, I appreciate my body so much more.

Q: As you may know, a lot of our clients are moms. They confide in us that they haven’t felt the same since having kids, don’t really get a chance to feel “sexy”, and are still learning to love and embrace their new body. Was doing a more intimate shoot like this different at all compared to before you had your baby? 

A: Since having my baby, I would say the outfit choices and poses have changed a bit to enhance and embrace my new body. Some ladies are empowered by covering up and others are empowered by showing skin. Boudoir can be both of those things! Regardless, everyBODY is made for boudoir! Personally, I love boudoir because it is an incredibly empowering magical thing that gives me so much confidence in whatever I choose to wear!

Q: Do you think it’s important for women to do boudoir style photoshoots? If so, why? What do you feel the benefits are, even when we might not be feeling our “sexiest”? 

A: Doing boudoir specifically has helped me find my sexy again after having a baby. The self care to prepare for the photoshoot, followed by the day of hair and make up and doing the photo shoot is all very empowering and even therapeutic.

The amazing thing to me about the whole boudoir experience is that it positively affects the way I see and feel about myself afterwards. It has lasting effects of confidence, self-esteem and body positivity.

Q: Many women that come to us have never done something like this before. They feel like they don’t know how to pose or know what to do in front of the camera. You have coached and worked with women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages. What are some tips and personal insights you can give them as a seasoned model? 

A: My number one piece of advice would be to practice in the mirror. Put on some music that makes you feel sexy and practice different poses that make you feel confident. Practice facial expressions and make “ahhhhhhhhh” and “ooooooooo” faces. Try moving slowly and pretending like you are putting lotion on your body in a soft and caressing way.

Q: It was actually Amanda’s idea to do some implied nude style shots during her session, which I loved! What prompted you to want to do that style, and how do you think stepping outside your comfort zone can help women gain confidence? 

A: With complete trust in Miranda, I felt comfortable and confident that she was going to be able to capture exactly what I was going for, in the most tasteful way. I am a vintage loving girl and we were planning a red satin bedsheet concept. It is very reminiscent of a photoshoot Marilyn Monroe had done so I wanted to emulate the sexiness that Marilyn had.  I was able to pretend to be Marilyn, and find the confidence within myself that she had. By the end of the photoshoot, I definitely felt like I had gained more self-confidence, was in touch with my feminine side and felt sexier! I feel like you gain courage and personal growth when you step outside of your comfort zone and that also builds confidence.

Q: How has your experience as a model impacted your self-confidence and body positivity? 

A: Modeling has greatly improved my self-confidence!  When I receive a beautiful image of myself, I see a glimpse of what the world sees. Definitely changes my perspective and helps me build my confidence. Learning to love things about myself that I was previously self-conscious about helps me build body positivity within myself.

Q: Has anything changed your approach to modeling and doing photoshoots since becoming a mom? 

A: Honestly, not really. Some projects are not for me anymore but I think that comes with experience and changing of tastes over time. But unfortunately now, I don’t have as much “me” time as I did before. When I choose projects and photographers to work with it’s important to me that it is going to be worth my time away from family, a great experience with quality results. Working with Miranda is always guaranteed to be wonderful!

Q: We are all our own worst critics. Constantly putting yourself out there and doing photoshoots can be a vulnerable, but also very empowering and rewarding experience. What are some things that help you when you’re having a rough mental or physical day? How do you prevent yourself from constantly comparing yourself to others? 

A: Looking back on the boudoir pictures I have taken definitely helps lift me up when I’m feeling less than or having a rough time. It helps me to remember my badassery in gorgeousness, even though I might be feeling like a hot mess! Daily affirmations also help me reinforce positive messaging into myself. It might feel funny to stare in the mirror and say extremely powerful, and positive things to yourself, but it gets easier!  I truly believe that comparing yourself to yourself and/or others brings unhappiness and shame. So I try to appreciate myself as I am, know that I’m doing my best, showing myself grace and self kindness. Also remembering to talk to myself, as I would a friend help to put things in perspective.

Q: What has been one of your favorite photoshoot experiences so far? What made it so special and memorable?

A: Last summer, I had a one of my favorite experiences working with a small group of ladies at a vintage summer pool party. It was fairly soon after I had my son and was still feeling self-conscious about my new body. It was very special to see women of all shapes, colors, sizes, and skill levels, coming together, many trying the pinup aesthetic for the first time.  So many beautiful diverse women creating beautiful images. Everybody was so welcoming and body positive!  Tons of compliments were shared, helpful advice given and encouraging words were exchanged. I left the event with more confidence and started to feel like my old self again. Enjoyed every empowering minute of it! Also, this was my first time working with Miranda and of course she knocked it out of the park!

I knew I wanted to feature Amanda for our July Client Spotlight after she came in for her boudoir session. It is important for me to share the experiences of clients from all backgrounds. At the end of the day, Amanda is a woman just like you and me. She is a mom, a wife, a friend. She understands the vulnerability it takes to go in front of the camera, and also understands the importance and beauty of those benefits of putting yourself out there. Amanda is able to look back at all of her photoshoots over the years and appreciate herself at every stage of her life. This is also the beauty with boudoir and the message we wholeheartedly stand behind. We are worthy of feeling beautiful, accepted, and desired.

Love Amanda’s photos and want to do a “Wrapped In Satin Sheets” set of your own? We will be offering this romantic red and gorgeous emerald green. The “Mirror” set will also be included in this special booking. Join our waitlist and be the first to book these exclusive limited sets!

Please check out Amanda’s nonprofit organization:

Women’s Networking in Photography

You can also follow and connect with her at:



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Boudoir photography is a powerful medium that allows individuals to celebrate their unique beauty, boost their self-confidence, and embrace their innate sensuality. In our June blog post, we are shining the spotlight on the transformative journey of a repeat boudoir client who found Le Boudoir Studio and experienced the incredible impact it had on her life. Through a series of interview questions and answers, we explore her initial encounter with the studio, her reasons for booking a session, and the profound positive changes she noticed in herself. This inspiring narrative serves as a testament to the importance of self-love and embracing one’s uniqueness through the beautiful art of boudoir photography.

Q: How did you originally find Le Boudoir Studio, and why did you end up going with us?

A: I found Le Boudoir on Google, and what caught my attention were the exceptional reviews and the quality of their work. After exploring their portfolio, I knew I had found the perfect place to capture my 40th birthday boudoir shoot. The studio’s reputation and the evident talent of their team made it an easy decision for me.

Q: Can you share with us why you decided to book a boudoir photography session for your 40th birthday? How did you feel before and after the session?

A: Growing up, I struggled with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. The negative comments and bullying from others took a toll on my self-esteem. However, as I approached my 40’s, I realized it was time to celebrate my journey and my body. I wanted to acknowledge the progress I had made from the insecure little girl to the confident woman standing here today. The session allowed me to embrace my inner beauty and appreciate the strength I had gained over the years. I felt comfortable, proud, and beautiful before, during, and after the session. It was a transformative experience that reminded me never to doubt myself or let the words of others define me.

Q: We absolutely loved capturing your Pin Up styled shoot! Can you tell us what inspired you to apply for the model call and how it made you feel during the session?

A: The Pin-Up styled shoot intrigued me because I wanted to experience the aesthetic of that particular era. It was exciting to undergo a transformation with the help of hair and makeup, which have always been my passions. The flirty and cheeky nature of the shoot was a delightful departure from the sultry and sexy style I was accustomed to. I had a blast during the session and didn’t want it to end. It was yet another opportunity to explore different facets of my personality and embrace my sensuality.

Q: How has your experience with Le Boudoir Studio impacted your self-confidence and body positivity? Have you noticed any positive changes in how you perceive yourself?

A: Since my two sessions with Le Boudoir Studio, I have become significantly kinder to myself regarding my body. There has been a noticeable shift in my perception of myself, particularly when comparing the two sessions. The experience reaffirmed my commitment to a healthier lifestyle and served as validation that my efforts were paying off. Sometimes, a photograph can provide that extra boost of confidence and serve as a reminder of our unique beauty.

Q: As a repeat client, what made you decide to come back for another session? What do you enjoy most about the experience and working with our team?

A: Miranda, the photographer at Le Boudoir Studio, is a true professional. Her effortless and easygoing nature made both sessions feel like a breeze. After the first session, I felt like a seasoned model. It was as if I was hanging out with my best friend, playing dress-up, while she skillfully captured every moment. The camaraderie and comfort I felt during the sessions were the primary reasons for returning. The studio’s team has an incredible ability to create a supportive and empowering atmosphere, making each experience enjoyable and memorable.

Q: How would you describe the importance of celebrating your beauty and embracing your sensuality through boudoir photography? What advice would you give to someone considering a session but feeling hesitant or unsure?

A: I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to celebrate your beauty and embrace your sensuality through boudoir photography. It is an empowering experience that allows you to honor yourself, love yourself, and acknowledge your individuality. Every scar, stretch mark, or imperfection tells a story and is a part of who you are. Boudoir photography provides a safe space to capture and embrace these aspects of yourself, creating a beautiful visual representation of your journey. My advice to anyone feeling hesitant or unsure is to prioritize self-love. Don’t let doubt or the opinions of others sway you. We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways, and a boudoir session is a fantastic opportunity to capture that beauty, embrace it, and own it.

Vanessa’s journey with Le Boudoir Studio exemplifies the transformative power of self-love and embracing sensuality through boudoir photography. Her decision to celebrate her 40th birthday through a boudoir session paved the way for renewed self-confidence and body positivity. The experience not only allowed her to shed the insecurities of her past, but also provided a platform for embracing her uniqueness and appreciating her journey going forward. We absolutely love to hear that she found empowerment, camaraderie, and joy during her experience with us! Her story serves as a compelling testament to the importance of celebrating beauty and embracing sensuality, and she encourages everyone to embark on their own boudoir journey, capturing their true selves and embracing their individuality. We love what we do here at Le Boudoir Studio, and we can’t wait for YOU to experience this for yourself. 

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Meet Miranda, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.