We are bringing you one of our most requested boudoir experiences in 2022! We have rented the Studio House, a historic home in Downtown Phoenix with the most divine space. For two days in January, we will be offering three special boudoir packages for self love or couples boudoir! These sessions will sell out once they go live! You can hold your spot for as little as $300 today.



Luxury Boutique Photography Experience

For this unique affair, we will have three packages to choose from. Our signature Sweet Package includes 1 outfit (1 room) with a 10 page little black book. The Vixen features 2 outfits (2 rooms) with a 5×5 custom album + digitals from your album. Our premier package, The Goddess, includes 3 outfits (3 rooms) with a 8×8 custom album and all digitals from the entire session! Best part, all our packages include professional hair and makeup and studio fees! 


Historic Downtown Boudoir Photography 

The Studio House features three rooms each stylized with a different aesthetic for inspiration. If you are in love with natural green and white tones for a boho chic look, then the Atrium is for you! No matter what your style is, there is a room perfect for you. Just look at how gorgeous this couple is in our latest shoot! If you are looking for a Christmas gift that will impress, imagine your own couples session framed in your Master bedroom. 

By Women, For Women

Le Boudoir Studio is unique because it is fully run and managed by all women! We believe all women are beautiful and worthy of celebration. Your body should be honored for the sexy and wonderful piece of art that it is.  From the moment you step into the studio, you will be surrounded by positive female energy that inspires, encourages, and motivates. Looking for a gift for the impossible to shop woman in your life, purchase a gift card and let her book herself! 

The Le Boudoir Experience 

When you book a Boudoir experience with Le Boudoir Studio, you will receive professional hair and makeup. For this luxurious and limited session, we will schedule your hair and makeup, you just sit back and relax!.Jodi Lynn will dance in and out as you prepare for your session and give any suggestions on outfit choices you have brought. Then, we kick on your favorite playlist and Jodi Lynn will guide you through every pose. Don’t think you know how to pose? She demonstrates every pose and makes the whole process seamless. Did you see a pose on our Instagram that you loved? Be sure to save it and bring it into the studio! 

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Boudoir Photography Mentorship with Le Boudoir Studio 

If you know Jodi Lynn then you know her focus has always been empowering women and not competing with them. Whether it is in front of the camera or behind the camera, Jodi Lynn wants to help support women in every way. This desire led to the creation of the official Le Boudoir Studio Mentorship program. The countdown for the premiere launch of Le Boudoir Mentorship has started! 


Never stop growing

When speaking about being in the Boudoir business for 12 years, Jodi says, “When I started out doing Boudoir photography in 2009, there was no help or guidance. Boudoir photography had not yet bloomed into what it is now.” She created her Boudoir Mentorship program (and even wrote a book!) as a way to help other women begin or advance their photography business by learning from her experience. Purchase Jodi Lynn’s Lighting and Flow Posing book for a great companion piece to your mentorship order. 



Empower others, never compete

“In photography, there’s enough business for everyone. It’s not a competition”, says Jodi when speaking about her new mentorship program. In Le Boudoir Studio’s official Mentorship program, Jodi will walk you through different lighting techniques, getting your client’s confidence to show through with strategic posing and expert business advice. In boudoir photography, the focus is always on making your client feel and look amazing! As an added bonus, once  you sign up for our waitlist, you will receive the Vixen Preset for Free! What photographer doesn’t love a free preset? 


Invest in yourself and lock in lower pricing now

Photography Mentorships is an investment you make in yourself and your business. You will receive the opportunity to network with other ambitious photographers and learn a new skill set. If you are looking to start your boudoir photography business or want to improve your Boudoir skills, you will benefit from signing up for Jodi Lynn’s Mentorship. The pre-sale begins NOW  and prices will go up on our official launch day of October 15th. Use code LAUNCHPARTY to receive 15% off when purchasing!

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Meet Jodi Lynn, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.