A Lesson In Confidence

Here at Le Boudoir Studio we are all about celebrating you and helping you love yourself. It is our greatest honor when we hear our clients talk about the amount of confidence that their Boudoir shoot gave them. We want to highlight on our blog one beauty who used her Boudoir session to celebrate her sexy.

Learning to Love Ourselves

Marit is a long time family friend of another Boudoir client. Growing up, Marit felt self conscious because she was a woman with curves. The majority of the girls where she lived were all very skinny and lacked some of those feminine curves. When Marit came to Arizona to stay with her friends, people were blown away with how beautiful she was! They complimented her curves and she began to feel like she was beautiful.



A Celebration of Self

Having struggled with her body image for so long, Marit was feeling comfortable and beautiful in her own skin. She chose Le Boudoir Studio to immortalize her stunning good looks and sexy curves. We absolutely loved working with Marit and are so glad she chose us. She was the absolute sweetest girl, the type that would really do anything for her friend’s and family. You get the impression that when she asks how your day was, that she actually cares. Her inner beauty really shines out in these photos!

Spring into Sexy

If you need that extra confidence booster, now is the time! Le Boudoir Studio is already booking up for the Spring and early Summer sessions. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, overcoming adversity or just want to rock your curves, we would be thrilled to work with you! You can check out packages on our website to find the best one that custom fits your needs.

Can’t wait to work with you lovely!

Hair and Make Up Artist: @vidogisalon


  1. Kerry Jarjue says:

    I came into the studio so nervous. Jodi and the make up artist put me at ease right away. They are two of the nicest, kindest , non judge mental woman I’ve ever met. Both are very pure of heart.
    I enjoyed the photo shoot but enjoyed talking to them even more. The pictures are more than beautiful, didn’t know I could look so gorgeous 😂😂 my husband was so awe struck he couldn’t talk right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 were in a long distance relationship at the moment , by sending him these pictures, well shall I say, got the job done?😂😂😂😂😂
    Bless you Jodi and Hayley if I can I’ll return but with my husband for a shoot😊🦋

    • Jodi says:

      Kerry! I really hope we can meet again. You are such a joy and have a beautiful heart. I had an amazing day with you and am so excited for you and your next adventure with your husband. Congratulations and good luck in your future. You are blessed, and so is your husband, especially with those knockout photos:) hehe

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All Eyes on the Bride

February 4, 2020

It’s Time for the Groom to Blush


When Brittney Robb contacted us for her boudoir session we were ecstatic. Brittney is a funny  and lively woman who runs her own business, Bridal Stitch Boutique. One look at her Instagram (@brobbin) and you see a girl who is beautiful, hard working and so in love! One thing that her Instagram doesn’t show is how real Brittney is. She has one of those energies that is contagious. When she is excited and happy, you can’t help but feel the same way too. These before and after photos really highlight what a total knockout Brittney is!


You have found “The One”


You have found your “one and only”, your “Lobster”. You have planned the perfect day. The dress is ordered, the reception booked, decorations meticulously organized. Now all that is left is a waiting game for the big day. Treating yourself to a day of pampering with a boudoir session is the ultimate confidence booster. When the first see the photos you will get a chance to see how stunning you truly are. You will be seeing yourself as how your beloved sees you.



The Perfect Groom’s Gift


A bridal boudoir shoot is the perfect gift to get your future husband. He will be shocked when he opens his little black book to reveal stunning pictures of his own personal model. You can dress in your traditional bridal white lingerie and veil or get creative with it! One of our favorites was a bride who wore nothing else but her “Just Married” sign on our blog.


A Glamorous Bride


Your bridal boudoir session is the ideal time to test out your ideas for bridal hair and makeup. Le Boudoir Studio has hair and makeup services included with all boudoir packages. After your session, this would be the perfect time for a date night or a lady’s night out to get the most out of your glamorous look. My team can even help you in finding the right outfit. You can also bring the lingerie you are planning for your honeymoon or wrap yourself up in one of his shirts.



Believe in Your Sexiness


Often we hear women say that they feel self conscious about having a boudoir session. They are stuck in this mentality that we must be a certain size or look a certain way to be sexy. We love boudoir photography because it is so empowering. Women that are nervous have their insecurities broken. There is a fire that sparks inside of them when they see their first photos. It is as if they are truly realizing that they are sexy and beautiful. Isn’t it time you believed in your sexiness? Le Boudoir Studio has several packages for you to pick the perfect boudoir session.


Hair and Make Up Artist: @facesbytanya


(480) 495-5455


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Meet Jodi Lynn, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.