The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gift

The spiciest holiday of the year is coming up soon and we could not be more excited! Valentine’s Day shoots are so much fun and the pictures on our Boudoir sets are breathtaking . One of the greatest things about boudoir sessions with Le Boudoir Studio is our focus on empowering women. We want every lovely woman that comes through our doors to feel extraordinary, beautiful, and confident in themselves. Boudoir is an art form that we use to express not only beauty but also shine a light on your power that’s been within you the whole time. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show yourself some self-love.


Valentine’s Day Boudoir Booking Fast! 

As we open with 2021, we have found a lot of joy in planning fun experiences for ourselves in the new year to celebrate new beginnings. We think a Valentine’s Day session is something you should add to your list for 2021! Show yourself extra appreciation and love for making it through 2020. Celebrate your body, give thanks for enduring 2020, you deserve a Boudoir session!  Our Valentine’s Day Sessions book up fast! 


Boudoir Gifts for your Friends! 

What’s more, we also love to celebrate Galentine’s Day and we’re sure you do too! Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 13th. It is a day to recognize and honor the strong and supportive women in your life. Giving your girlfriends the gift of a boudoir photoshoot is such a unique and exciting experience, we guarantee they probably have not been gifted that before! Go a step further and gift one for yourself too. Come down to the studio for a day of hair, makeup, dressing up, and feeling gorgeous! Booking your Boudoir session with your girlfriends is so much fun! 

Sensual and Sexy Photography 

We can’t and won’t ignore the fact that boudoir photography is sexy and can be showered in sensual tones. We absolutely love to do photoshoots that are intended for your partner! Surprising them with your professional boudoir photos is a great gift and an exciting idea. We know they’ll love them! On the flip side, gifting your partner a boudoir photoshoot gift card is a wonderful gift too! We love partners empowering their ladies to do something that makes them feel good. This is a unique and experiential gift that is something worth looking forward to for 2021. This year holds so much potential! 

The best Valentine’s Day Gift! 

We highly recommend booking your Valentine’s Day photoshoot early so your photos arrive to you in time. This is a very booked holiday as you can imagine so we really want to make sure you get your photos in the timely manner you want! We are honored to be considered as your local boudoir studio and are excited to see you soon!



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Shine the Light on You!

You are a mama or maybe you are a soon-to-be mama. You are powerful and beautiful and your body is literally creating life. You deserve to feel so special and celebrated! There is nothing as magical as a woman growing and caring for a baby human life. Let’s shine the spotlight on you mama in a whole new way at Le Boudoir Studio! 

Sexy as a Mother

We want you to feel your most beautiful and sexy self while shooting with us! We recommend scheduling your session after your first trimester and coming in around 26-30 weeks to ensure you are at your most comfortable. Pregnancy doesn’t always (or should we say hardly ever?) feel sexy or even look sexy and that is all the more reason to empower yourself through a boudoir photoshoot. Sexy is also very subjective so whether you come in your favorite silk pajamas or your sexiest bra and panty combo, we are definitely going to capture this moment for you and your loved one. We like to recommend bringing some basics like a black or white bra and panties, oversized men’s style button down shirt, and panties that match your skin tone. Other than that, have fun with your options like something flowy and sheer, robes (fluffy or silky!), florals, and so much more. We also have an amazing Client Closet for you to look through!

A day of Self Care with Hair and Makeup Included!

With Le Boudoir Studio, we want to pamper you so come in and get glammed for your shoot with our hair and makeup experts! Sit back and relax as they turn you into the gorgeous model you are. Our artists can give you a sultry smokey eye, a bold red lip, fluffy brows, a nude lip, beat cheek bones to the gods, and all sorts of glam but the most important part, is they are going to give you a makeover that suits YOU. They are going to customize your look to your shoot and highlight your amazing features. It’s your day, mama!

Boudoir is for EVERY Body!

You may be hesitant to schedule a boudoir shoot. Maybe you’re wondering, “How will I know how to pose?!” or “Is boudoir even for me?!” Let us answer your questions and calm your nerves. Firstly, it’s totally normal to feel this way! The best part about boudoir is that it is truly for the everyday woman. It’s for the moms, for the working women, for EVERY woman! Our goal is to make you feel confident because a confident woman is the most untouchable one, watch out world!! The end result will make you feel on cloud nine. When it comes to posing, you do not need to know a single thing! Jodi will coach you through the whole photoshoot, telling you where to look, where to put your hands and feet, and accentuating your best assets. Just look at our previous photos! Amazing right?

We are so excited to have you in the studio and make you feel sexy, empowered, and confident. You’ll have these photos for the rest of your life and you’ll be so happy you captured this moment in time. See you soon, mama!

Order your Previous Photos for the Holidays

Order your photos from a previous session now in time for the Holidays! We are offering a special on a digital download of 8×12 High Resolution images. You can purchase any previous photo session from before September 30th, 2020. This is an amazing deal for $149!

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