In today’s world, self-expression takes center stage. Our everyday styles often reflect the depths of our personalities without having to say a word. For our February Client Spotlight, we had the privilege of interviewing a remarkable woman who not only embodies confidence but also radiates a unique blend of glamour and authenticity.

Embracing Your Alter Ego During A Boudoir Session

Meet our client Dzintra, whose love language includes leggings and sparkles—a true reflection of her bubbly personality. Affectionately known as Diamond Luxxe as her burlesque alter ego, she exudes an undeniable charm that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

When asked about the motivation behind booking a session with us, she expressed a deep admiration for Le Boudoir Studio’s work and a desire to capture her journey into the world of burlesque through professional photography. I have had the personal pleasure of getting to know Dzintra through burlesque and various dance classes, so this experience was extra special for me as well to see her bring that stage presence into her session.

For many, the concept of “sexy” may feel elusive or foreign. However, Dzintra eloquently describes it as a fusion of cuteness and confidence, likening the transformation to stepping into the role of an empowered queen. This word has so many meanings to each person, and I like learning about each woman’s unique insight on how they interpret it and more importantly, how they want to convey or embody it during their session.


Express Yourself Through Your Unique Sense Of Style

With no hesitations in sight, she went into her boudoir session with excitement and enthusiasm. Selecting the outfits and accessories was an enjoyable part of the process for her.I just love dressing up! I have quite a few sets of lingerie (but I could always use more!), so it was just a matter of narrowing it down. Since we were doing the red sheets it seemed like black would be my best bet. I also brought accessories just in case including the sparkly choker and gloves that we ended up using, it felt like the ultimate in glam!” Your boudoir outfits can be a celebration of unique self-expression, and convey your sense of style or flair for the dramatic.

In her everyday life, Dzintra finds inspiration and empowerment from her supportive circle of friends and the vibrant communities of burlesque and pole fitness. Their unwavering encouragement serves as a constant reminder of her own strength and potential. Who we surround ourselves with deeply impacts how we view our self-worth and confidence. When you find people that support and encourage you, and are also doing the things you want to be doing, they can inspire you and show you what you are truly capable of!

Drawing from her experiences on stage, she offers invaluable advice on overcoming self-doubt and embracing confidence.My biggest piece of advice is just to remember that everyone around you has their own internal world. Whatever anxieties you have about the way someone perceives you are guaranteed to be thought about more by YOU than anyone else. They’re too busy living their own lives to remember that small detail you messed up somewhere. Or the awkward encounter they had with you. Some of these things may haunt you forever, but I promise that that person has already forgotten.” Her words serve as a beacon of wisdom, reassuring others that their perceived flaws are often magnified only in their own minds.

Boudoir As Part Of Your Self-Discovery Transformation

“I was floored by how beautiful the photos came out. I think I’m just becoming more present with myself. Inside there’s still that nerdy girl from high school with the frizzy hair, glasses, and acne. Sometimes I forget that that’s not me anymore and that I’ve blossomed into more. When Miranda was done with my makeup and I looked in the mirror I felt a little teary eyed. It reminded me of the first time I felt truly pretty when I got my hair and makeup done for my junior prom.” The experience served as a poignant reminder of her own transformation—a long journey from self-doubt to self-love.

When asked if she would consider another boudoir shoot, her response was: a resounding yes! With a newfound addiction to the art of boudoir, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to book a full session in the future.

For those hesitant about booking a shoot, our client offers words of encouragement and reassurance.First of all, something inside called you to do the shoot whether it’s to reaffirm who you are or to build confidence. Trust that feeling and the experience. Miranda makes it so easy by providing makeup and hair so there were zero worries about that. The big bonus here is that she knows how to pose. Not just her body, but every body and she will break it down step by step. Bonus, there is a Women’s Only Facebook group you can join. It’s filled with other women who have already done a shoot and can tell you what to expect.  I promise you, even if it seems scary, it’s worth taking the leap!”

Our February Client Spotlight’s journey serves as a personable reminder of the transformative power of boudoir photography. We do these testimonial blogs to hear and share real-life experiences of women from all walks of life and backgrounds. I think a lot of women that have never done a boudoir shoot think that they need to be fully confident and love themselves completely before booking a session, but the majority of the time that is just not the case! Most gals come to us in the middle of their self-love journey, and use boudoir as a tool to help them take the next step in that process. It adds to that confidence, love, and appreciation to help elevate their mind and bodies to achieve all of the other amazing things they seek to do in life! Boudoir is one of the many steps on a journey to self-discovery.

Your story is waiting to be told, and we are here to capture every moment of it.

With love and empowerment,


Le Boudoir Studio

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What To Expect When You Book A Boudoir Session

At Le Boudoir Studio, Miranda specializes in tasteful boudoir photography and making you feel confident and empowered. Miranda shoots for every woman of every age, shape, size, and style. From booking your session, to coming in to get glammed up with our expert hair and makeup stylists and onto your shoot, throughout the entire process we aim to make you feel welcome, comfortable and pampered. Miranda is here to make sure that this experience is one of a kind, and one that you will cherish throughout your life.

I know that there is a lot that goes into taking the leap to book a boudoir session. With Le Boudoir Studio, I personally will be there every step of the way to help make this experience as fun and stress-free as possible! Feeling nervous is also completely normal. The fun part of the boudoir experience is that it really is for the everyday woman. Whether your shoot is for that special someone or simply for your eyes only, you will never regret the end result! We have so much fun with you during the day of the shoot and once you see your bombshell pictures; you’ll be so happy you did this! Boudoir is for EVERY woman.

So, what can you expect when you book a boudoir session?

First off, it’s totally normal to be feeling nervous, hesitant, and maybe a little scared! Most of my clients have never done a boudoir session before. We are here to walk you through every step, and offer complimentary consult calls to go over all the details, get to know you better, and answer any questions you may have.

1. First, contact us below and we will reach out within 48 business hours to set up a quick

15-minute consultation call where we will go over allll the details including pricing, locations, and what to expect during your session. Once you’re ready to book, we have a $500 session fee which will reserve your date.

2. Next, you’ll receive our curated Style Guide and Session Prep guide filled with our favorite places to shop, outfit suggestions, prop ideas, and a complete checklist of what to bring for your session for a stress-free experience. We provide thorough communication before, during, and after your session so you are never left in the dark.

3. Now that you’re getting excited and the days are counting down to your session, you’ll get reminder emails leading up to the big day so that you never feel left in the dark. We also send out a Product Guide to help you decide how you’d like to commemorate your session. We can set up pre-session payment plans at any time to work with every budget!

4. It’s the day of the session, YAY! You’ll arrive at our studio just as you are, with a clean face and clean hair and in comfy clothes. We start off by going over the outfits you brought, and collaborate on a look with our professional hair and makeup artist. We recommend bringing at least four or five outfits, accessories, heels or props you would like to use for your shoot. A little “over packing” for your shoot never hurts either! You never know what you will feel best in on the day of and we are here for advice; we love playing dress up!

Examples of what to bring include: lingerie, clothing (optional *wink), heels, stockings, panties (black works well), supportive bra(s), jewelry, props (such as a guitar or jersey), oh yeah and don’t forget to bring your saucy side…this is going to be one of the most fun experiences you’ve ever had!

5. After getting glammed up, the full transformation begins! Your session typically lasts for about 1.5 hours. Ps-We love working with blank slates! As your photographer, I will be coaching you and posing you to accentuate your best features. This is all about YOU feeling comfy and sexy so we will work together to make sure that happens! We will be instructing you on where to look, where to put your hands/feet; the whole thing! We will never expect you to pose yourself. We’ve photographed many women and know how to make you look your best. We want you to have the supermodel experience, but will never expect you to work for it. We’re here working with you and for you. We will laugh, have an amazing girls day dressing up and getting pampered and you will have an amazing experience!

6. Immediately after your session, we will go over our product options if you haven’t chosen your collection already. This is where you’ll get to choose how you want to remember your session, either through one of our luxury custom albums, fine art canvas clusters, or more.

7. Within just 1-3 weeks, you’ll receive your images! Here you’ll be able to pick all of your favorite images for your products at your own pace and convenience. We have amazing editing and airbrush tools that we will use to edit your photos after all is said and done. Our expert team has been carefully trained to retouch your entire print order including blemishes, skin softening, bags under the eyes etc. Please know that we will never edit your body unless there is something that shouldn’t be there like a bulge because of an outfit constraint; like a bra strap. We want you to look as natural as possible; after all, no one is Barbie, but we could all use a little skin softening sometimes! Don’t worry it will be our little secret *wink*. We know you’re busy, so we never have you come back to the studio for a rushed, in-person appointment. All products include complimentary drop-shipping straight to you and are ready to gift and enjoy!

If you are thinking about hiring a boudoir photographer to do a sexy photography session for you we are sure there are a lot of questions you may have when it comes to what to expect when you book a boudoir session. We’ve got you girl and totally get it 🙂 Here at Le Boudoir Studio we are all about making the clients that come into our boudoir studio feel as comfy as possible from the moment they contact us via our website or phone, to the moment they walk into the boudoir studio the day of their intimate boudoir shoot! 

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