Stronger Together

The all girls staff of Le Boudoir Studio love our chick flick films. We love to see the camaraderie of girls banding together and supporting one another. One staple of any good chick flick is when all the girls get together and have a little fun, always set to music. Who could forget the Sex and the City closet montage of the girls revisiting old outfits with a glass of champagne. Or how about the lovely women of The First Wives Club with their anthem of “You Don’t Own Me”. Truly, women are more powerful when we work together. Which is why we want to introduce you to this best friend power duo that came in for their Boudoir shoot together! 

Gorgeous Gals Working Together 

You may recognize this blonde beauty. She was our June Blog feature on finding love after an abusive relationship. These gorgeous gals came in together for their Boudoir shoot and what a fun time we all had. We spent the better part of the day laughing and building strong female bonds. We believe in #girlgang for life.


True Friendship and Boudoir

We love having girlfriends come in together to our studio. It helps bring fun and new ideas to Le Boudoir Studio and it is a great way to spend an afternoon playing with makeup and hyping one another up. Imagine as Jodi Lynn helps pose you into the perfect boudoir, your best gal pal is off on the sidelines shouting how incredible you look. Talk about a major confidence booster! This is why our girlfriends exist, to shine a light on our beauty when we struggle to see it. Your girlfriends should support you and adjust your crown when it slips. A strong woman builds up others instead of tearing them down.







Empowered Women Empower Women

In a world that seeks to divide and tell women “you aren’t enough.” we should be a symbol of strength and encouragement for one another. We as women have always needed the support of one another throughout history. Having your tribe of women was vital when it came to marriage, birthing and raising children, and keeping life running efficiently and productively. Every successful woman in the world has had a coalition of mothers, sisters, friends to have her back. 



If you are ready to book your session with Le Boudoir Studio, give us a call at: 480-495-5455. 

If you are a fellow photographer who wants to explore the world of boudoir photography, Jodi Lynn has written a book on Lighting and Flow Posing

  1. Shannon Townsend says:

    I never thought this would be anything I would ever do. Today I had my photos done and can’t wait to do it again. Jodi makes you feel so comfortable. I have never felt at ease in front of a camera, I sometimes forgot there was one. Her ideas and creativity is amazing. Thank you so much for everything!!!!❤️❤️

    • Jodi says:

      Shannon! I had an absolute blast with you yesterday and cannot wait for you to see your images! You are gorgeous and your man will love every one!!!!!

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Summer Time Vibes

Summer is officially here! The weather is heating up and it is time to cool off in the pool with a cool cocktail in hand. The time feels right to announce that Le Boudoir Studio is going to be offering Pin Up Sessions! We love the bright pops of color and classic look that pinups are famous for. When you throw Le Boudoir Photography in the mix, the creative side sparks like this pin up session. Imagine having this framed by your makeup vanity to look at every day!

Vintage Glamour

One reason we love Pin Up Boudoir is that it is so much fun! There are abundant ways to be creative with different props and looks. One client commented that the vintage feel made her feel like she was an old classic hollywood starlet. Honey, you are all stars in our eyes! Le Boudoir Studio has done several pin up and retro stylized shoots. One of our favorites was this  Bonnie and Clyde engagement session .

A Session Centered around You!

Jodi Lynn is set apart from other boudoir photographers not just in her style but also in her attitude. While most boudoir studios advertise a “make your man happy”, Jodi Lynn’s mantra is “make yourself happy”. If you want to take boudoir photos because they are a gift for your partner, that is fantastic. But we here at Le Boudoir Studio want you to know that you are a bold, fierce, fearless and sexy woman. You are beautiful no matter what. 

Customizing Your Session

Pin Up Boudoir is a specialized area that is so much fun to shoot, so be sure to book yours while the weather is hot! Whether you prefer a classic pin up look or an alternative punk rockabilly feel, Le Boudoir Studio is perfect for you. This is your time to be creative with any vintage and retro knick knacks you may have laying around the house. Make sure and mention when you book that you are looking for a pin up session so that we can match the best hair and make up artist for you. All of our boudoir packages come with professional hair and makeup services and the talented team can pull off any look you are envisioning.

Call our studio to book your session (480) 495-5455

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Meet Jodi Lynn, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.