What is a Jaw Dropping Moment?

The Jaw. Drop. Moment. That’s what we all want to see from our partners right? We want to hear “wow!” “”omg that’s MY person!” and the pinnacle of a jaw dropping moment, the loss for words. Maybe tears well up, a slow smile, and just…pure awe! This is what we constantly see when our lovely brides, soon-to-be moms, moms, girlfriends, and so many more happy guests show the final reveal to their partners. Our beautiful, confident clients get to present a small black book full of their gorgeous photos from Le Boudoir Studio. Our custom albums feature seamless flush mount thick pages that do not fade and will last a lifetime. From individual flicks to double page spreads, this book makes them go “oh my…” and “OH YES” every time! It’s okay if your partner even blushes a little! We love seeing your loved one’s first reaction so much that we have a whole Instagram highlight dedicated to it, check it out at @leboudoirstudio on Instagram.

What events are they good for?

Make your partner’s jaw dropping moment happen whenever you want! Our most popular “reason” is for a wedding, the little black book of your personal boudoir shoot makes for a very sweet wedding gift to your partner. However, you can book your boudoir shoot for any reason. We have women come in for Valentine’s Day, maternity boudoir, girlfriends shoot (hello Vegas!), and just for fun too! The whole goal is to encourage you to feel empowered, confident, love your body, love your femininity, and feel sexy in whatever way that means for you. This comes through loud and clear in your book which is why it makes for such a good gift – your partner gets to see you shine and you will be AMAZED at seeing yourself in a new light. Boudoir shooting is meant to uplift you and can be such a special gift to share with your partner, especially when you surprise them! Their surprised faces are honestly the BEST. 

Treat Yourself! 

At Le Boudoir Studio, we like to have an amazing and super fun time. That’s why we want to make this a pamper day for you too! For your session, we provide makeup and hair for a total glam session before we start shooting. Our hair and makeup experts specifically know what will look best when shooting boudoir and will teach you how to accentuate your features along the way. We have beautiful robes, sets, and all kinds of exciting accessories to choose from. Choose from six sets in our studio to fit your needs whether your style is Pin up, Moody, Sweet or Sultry! Photographer Jodi Lynn will coach you on posing and help you to show your best features while shooting.  We want you to have the supermodel experience so we will help you get there!

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Get Out of Town!

April 30, 2021

Time for a Girls Getaway

2020 was rough and the start to 2021 has also been a bit…well, rough. We know mental health across the board is tanking and we want to offer a fun idea to both getaway and feel like your sexiest self! You deserve to feel empowered, beautiful, free, and do something fun. That is why we’re chatting about all things “get out of town” in today’s blog post. Le Boudoir Studio is not confined to the Phoenix city limits. Not only do we travel but we love to explore new places! This Summer, Jodi wanted to add a little spice to her Boudoir sessions and booked the most adorable VRBO.  We currently only have one spot left for a fabulous outdoor pool boudoir session!




How does an Arizona Staycation sound? 

We have booked a dreamy Phoenix VRBO for Summer Boudoir! This location has been garnering a lot of interest from so many of our amazing clients. Just picture it: couples boudoir in a gorgeous rain shower. How about a private bubble bath session to hang in your Master bathroom? We can even do a sexy house wife kitchen session if that is your dream! If this sounds up your alley, we highly recommend booking EARLY so we can make your Boudoir dreams come true. Sign up for this summer special by booking using the button below!  




What Happens in Vegas will be Sizzling! 

Speaking of Vegas, doesn’t that sound like the dream boudoir location?! It’s definitely one of our top contenders! Las Vegas hotels are so perfect for the boudoir setting with their extravagant rooms, fancy tubs and showers, long balconies, and so many other luxuries! Vegas sessions with us are perfect for you and a group of your girlfriends or a self-love moment. Either way, we want you to feel like a supermodel! First, you’re going to get out of town, you can leave the booking to us, we’ll take care of finding the perfect room in the perfect hotel. Once you get here we’ve got makeup and hair covered, our experts are going to accentuate your already gorgeous features that’ll give your favorite model a run for her money. We have 6 sets to choose from to fit your needs whether your style is Pin up, Moody, Sweet or Sultry. Our silhouette sets are mysterious and seductive while our princess set is sweet and sexy. Jodi will direct you on how to pose so we get the best shots. You will feel so sexy and beautiful! You want to act fast because we have ONE SPOT LEFT for Vegas! 



Celebrate Feminine Power! 

We love to remind our clients and potential clients that boudoir is for every woman. Confidence is beautiful and we want to capture you exuding the highest energy of beauty, empowerment, and self love. Jodi gets to know each and every client prior to the shoot so we can make this shoot everything you want it to be! Feeling comfortable, sexy, and having fun at the same time is super important to us. We can’t wait to get to know you!


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