Celebrating a Fierce Latina

October is breast cancer awareness month. Until October 15th, it is also Latin Heritage Month. Le Boudoir Studio takes women’s health and recognition seriously. The team at Le Boudoir Studio has a strong desire to help every woman feel recognized, beautiful and supported to live her best life. This mission has led to Jodi Lynn’s drive to educate women on Breast Implant Illness, feel beautiful and sexy at every age, and to break the societal norms of ‘beauty’ by highlighting beauty through the Bald and Beautiful Project. Today, we want to introduce you to another fierce woman. A woman who helps us recognize Latin Heritage Month and Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Cancer, you messed with the wrong woman

Amada Navarro is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt. Earlier this year, Amada was faced with devastating news. She had breast cancer. In March of 2021, Amada went for a routine mammogram that showed no concerns or problems. A few short months later in May, she commented to her primary care physician about discharge from her right breast. The doctor performed a breast exam and recommended another mammogram. This time, when the results came back, Amada was told she had two masses. After having the masses biposed, she received the dreaded call. She had breast cancer. 

Tough like a Mother

Amada opted for a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction and began the difficult task of telling her family members. She shared with the Le Boudoir Studio team, “My worst fears came true. Everything was happening so fast: appointments, exams, and sharing the news with my loved ones (i.e. my husband, my children, my mother, my siblings, my nieces, my nephews, and friends). I realized that the effects of my medical situation would extend beyond myself.”

Awareness for the Latinx Community

One thing you don’t know about Amada is that she is a strong, vivacious and fierce woman. She was not about to take breast cancer laying down. She decided to raise awareness about breast cancer, especially in the Latino community. To do this, she called Le Boudoir Studio. “I read the positive reviews and the testimonials on the site. I love what they stand for. It was evident that they could help me tell a story through pictures. My story.” We have felt so honored that Amada chose us to help capture her journey. For her session we captured her images in our new Shower Boudoir set. After she has recovered from surgery, we plan on having Amada in the studio again. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the details. 

“I love the outcome! It tells my story. It shows my strength. It is empowering.”

Know Yourself

“As I reflect on my situation, I would tell other women that family history is not the only way to get cancer. It is naïve to think that if you do not have a genetic predisposition, it will not happen to you. Women, please, be diligent with your breast self-exams because most breast cancers are found by the patient. Know your breasts; when in doubt, ask your doctor.”

  1. Barbara Chelette says:

    I love donating to such a great cause!!

  2. Barbara Chelette says:

    One place I lived had a Buddy System. You may have it here, if so please excuse! But each woman had a Buddy. They chose a certain day of the month, for example, the 3rd! EVERY 3rd of the month one of the women called the other to remind them of self Brest Exam. The other called the 4th to see if it had been done!!! Of course, you can set up your own rules, this is just an example!

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At Le Boudoir Studio our clients are some of the most amazing, inspiring and beautiful women we have met. Our mission is to ensure that ALL the ladies that come in, leave knowing how sexy and amazing they are. Traci and Jodi Lynn work so closely with our clients that when they leave, they leave as a friend.


One of our clients, Miss C, has been a client at Le Boudoir Studio since May 2013 and loves coming back to the studio 1-2 times a year not only to give her man fabulous intimate photos but because Jodi Lynn and Traci have become very close to her. She always wanted to do a boudoir session and felt the perfect time to do one was after having her 4th child. She knew how much her hubby would love the images and wanted to show off the great shape she was in. Since Miss C and her husband were traveling to Las Vegas she decided to look up boudoir studios there. Lucky for us, Jodi Lynn’s website kept popping up since we travel to Vegas for sessions as well.  We had no Las Vegas spots open but Miss C felt so comfortable after talking to Jodi for 45 minutes, that she flew out to Arizona for her first boudoir session later that month!

“Everyone at the studio is so sweet and makes me feel beautiful every time I come in. Even in the darkest of times the ladies at the studio are striving to make you relax and create the photos you see in magazines.”

The photos below are a little peak of all the sessions Crystal has done so far. We can’t wait to see her this year for her 2018 Birthday Boudoir trip!


Traci and Jodi Lynn are amazing women who strive to ensure each client knows how beautiful they are and stops at nothing until the know. Boudoir photography is an art and the ladies, and Le Boudoir Studio go above and beyond creating the sexiest pictures and friends that will last forever. Come in and let us show you how sexy you are! Call us at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now!

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