Scottsdale Pin-Up Boudoir Photography

December 21, 2017

At Le Boudoir Studio, we are big fans of the idea of the “alter ego”. You know, the vixen that comes out on the dance floor when your favorite song plays, or the way you feel with that perfect little black dress and red lipstick on. It’s powerful, magnetic, and pulls out that inner confidence. Le Boudoir Studio fully embraces the type of confidence that comes from trying something new, and stepping outside of the box. Hey, isn’t that what beautiful boudoir photography is all about anyway?!

Pin-Up Boudoir Theme Ideas

One way to show off your “alter-ego” is by including your significant other’s career into your pin-up boudoir photo shoot. From police officers to mechanics using props from his career make your pin-up boudoir session more personal and sentimental! Like this boudoir vixen below who used handcuffs and a police uniform to enhance her vintage lingerie outfit. There are so many ways to bring a piece of your man into your boudoir session. We love it when ladies bring firefighter turnouts or wear a button down from their man’s closet too. Adding these special touches doesn’t have to be complicated. Just be creative and he will love the outcome!

Pin-Up Photographer in Arizona

As Arizona’s premier boudoir photography studio, we love photographing all types of boudoir photography from bridal boudoir to pin-up our studio has everything to make you boudoir dreams come true. If you have an alter ego (or two) that are dying to be captured with beautiful boudoir photography, contact us or give us a call at 480-495-5455.

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