Sexy Photo Shoot in Arizona

December 28, 2017

At Le Boudoir Studio, a boudoir photo shoot is so much more than a photography session capturing a beautiful woman. It is a unique experience aimed to give our boudoir addicts confidence through a creative process celebrating femininity, beauty and womanhood. During our photo shoots, we discover each client’s individual beauty and special features that define them through the lens of our cameras in a timeless, attractive and sensual way. Our Arizona studio is the perfect haven for our clients to relax and unleash their inner bombshell.

Tips to Unleash Your Inner Boudoir Bombshell

1. Get a Mani and Pedi – Like having matching bra and panty set on. Having your nails done can make you feel like a total queen. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure prior to your boudoir session and feel ready to be photographed.

2. Wax on, wax off – Although it may not seem completely relaxing, having a bikini or Brazilian wax 3-7 days before your boudoir session will make you feel much more comfortable about baring it all!

3. Moisturize – Living in Arizona we know how drying the weather is to skin. Make sure to give your skin a natural glow by starting a moisturizing routine prior to your sexy photo shoot.

4. Don’t let Aunt Flow bring you down – If possible, try to plan your boudoir session around your period. You won’t feel bloated or have cramps which might otherwise make your session less enjoyable. Don’t worry though if you do come in on a period day, our all-female studio knows all the right poses to make you feel as sexy as possible.

5. Relax – Most importantly just relax! Our studio is completely yours during your boudoir session. We play your favorite artist while you’re at Le Boudoir Studio to make you feel comfortable, provide a fabulous hair and make-up artist and help you pick lingerie to match each of your sets!

Le Boudoir Studio in Scottsdale

Le Boudoir Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona is your number one choice for boudoir photography. We have had the privilege of working with so many fantastic clients whether it be for an anniversary, wedding or just because boudoir session. We truly believe that the every- day woman should have the boudoir experience at least once in her lifetime. It’s such a fun and sometimes transformative time for a woman to see herself through the lens. Some women have never experienced having professional hair and make-up done and even that is such a pampering experience all on its own. Contact us today at 480 495 5455 to book your sexy photo shoot!

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