Summer Time Vibes

Summer is officially here! The weather is heating up and it is time to cool off in the pool with a cool cocktail in hand. The time feels right to announce that Le Boudoir Studio is going to be offering Pin Up Sessions! We love the bright pops of color and classic look that pinups are famous for. When you throw Le Boudoir Photography in the mix, the creative side sparks like this pin up session. Imagine having this framed by your makeup vanity to look at every day!

Vintage Glamour

One reason we love Pin Up Boudoir is that it is so much fun! There are abundant ways to be creative with different props and looks. One client commented that the vintage feel made her feel like she was an old classic hollywood starlet. Honey, you are all stars in our eyes! Le Boudoir Studio has done several pin up and retro stylized shoots. One of our favorites was this  Bonnie and Clyde engagement session .

A Session Centered around You!

Jodi Lynn is set apart from other boudoir photographers not just in her style but also in her attitude. While most boudoir studios advertise a “make your man happy”, Jodi Lynn’s mantra is “make yourself happy”. If you want to take boudoir photos because they are a gift for your partner, that is fantastic. But we here at Le Boudoir Studio want you to know that you are a bold, fierce, fearless and sexy woman. You are beautiful no matter what. 

Customizing Your Session

Pin Up Boudoir is a specialized area that is so much fun to shoot, so be sure to book yours while the weather is hot! Whether you prefer a classic pin up look or an alternative punk rockabilly feel, Le Boudoir Studio is perfect for you. This is your time to be creative with any vintage and retro knick knacks you may have laying around the house. Make sure and mention when you book that you are looking for a pin up session so that we can match the best hair and make up artist for you. All of our boudoir packages come with professional hair and makeup services and the talented team can pull off any look you are envisioning.

Call our studio to book your session (480) 495-5455

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Welcome back to the Le Boudoir Studio blog! Today, we are going to talk about pin-up photography and why it could be one of the most empowering experiences. Named because the photos were meant to be “pinned-up” instead of framed, the pin-up is over 100 years old. Origins can be traced back to as early as the Victorian era. However, the term “pin-up” didn’t come to be until the 1940s and has since become a popular way for plus-size, curvy and women of all sizes to confidently showcase their beautiful bodies, and their playful, sexual side.    

Why We Love Pin-Up Photography

One of the main reasons we love curvy pin-up photography is that it’s all about female empowerment and body positivity. Whether you are a size two or are plus-size, it’s time to embrace your inner, playful, sex kitten. Curvy women were the ideal of pin-up photographers for years, so it’s time to have fun and embrace your beautiful body.

5 Elements of Pin-Up Photography

Creating the pin-up look, unlike many other stereotypical portrait photography, is aimed at having fun, while inhabiting calculated poses, using props, and embracing vintage forms of playful sexuality and style. Below are five elements to expect of every plus-size pin-up photography session.

It’s All About You

Being a pin-up isn’t about trying to fit an ideal: it is all about you. When you decide to do a pin-up photo shoot with our Phoenix boudoir studio, we meet with you ahead of time to find out not only your ideas for the shoot — poses, styles, and outfits — but also we will discover more about  your personality, as well as what you love about your body and what you see as favorable. As we envision your shoot, we will take all of this into consideration to create a photo shoot that shows off your many assets. Bottom line: being a pin-up is all about being confident in your own skin.

Fun & Playful

When you do a pin-up photo-shoot it’s time to bring out your fun and frisky side. Pin-up photography throughout history has always been about being playful with a strong undercurrent of sexual energy and confidence. Don’t stress about being provocative, just channel your sexy, playful side and have fun. Through the use of props, makeup, and costume, we will help create a fun atmosphere that will make having a good time easy.  

Props & Poses

Though having fun is one of the main elements of a pin-up photoshoot, no true pin-up shoot is candid. Each pose is carefully calculated and formulated by your plus-size pin-up photographer to accentuate your beauty. As you work with us, we will help you find the most flattering poses. Another main element of a pin-up photoshoot is the props; anything from lollipops and pizza, to classic cars and vintage phones, can be a part of your shoot. The options are endless — have fun!

Pin-up hair & makeup brings out your best features for perfect boudoir pictures!

Makeup & Hair

Ladies, it’s time to glam it up! Pin-up photography is all about glamorous vintage hair and makeup styles. Lipstick and winged eye-liner are stereotypical of a pin-up shoot as well as vintage style hair with victory-curls, baby bangs, and ringlets. We can often add a modern flair and other style elements that bring out your own personality. Also, there are many different styles that you can embody as the star of your pin-up photo shoot. Search “plus-size photography” on Pinterest and talk to your photographer to learn more about creating your own look!  

Body Positive

Because pin-up shoots show some skin, it’s easy to think that you have to be a certain body type to embody the pin-up style, but that’s not the case at all! Any woman can be a pin-up — baby, it’s time to embrace your beautiful curves! A pin-up photoshoot is an empowering experience because we are celebrating your personality, your body, and your sexuality. Contact our photographers at Le Boudoir Studio in Phoenix and embrace your inner, playful, sex kitten!

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