Here comes 2022!

Have you heard the news? Le Boudoir Studio is fully booked up for the rest of 2021! Eeeek! It is true, the studio has been buzzing with energy as we take a step back from our family brand Photography by Jodi Lynn and focus our attention on Le Boudoir Studio. The holiday season always flies by and it will be 2022 by the time you finish this blog. If you missed your opportunity for Christmas boudoir, now is the time to plan for Valentine’s Day! 

Flaunt your inner Vixen

Soon we will be busy with wrapping presents, holiday shopping, attending festive parties and all the family events. Us women deserve to treat ourselves after the stressful holiday season. Boudoir photography is a great way to flaunt your glorious curves and unique beauty. Book your session now to pamper yourself after the holiday season! Remember that self care is essential for your physical and mental health. You deserve to be pampered and have a whole day that is dedicated to you and making you feel like the Goddess you are. In the word’s of Tom from Parks and Recreation, you deserve to Treat Yo Self. This year we will be sending out fabulous Valentine’s Day deals to our Wait List members first! 

Love for Everyone

Whether you are celebrating new love, many years together or just doing it for yourself; it’s important to show love and appreciation. This Valentine’s Day Le Boudoir Studio wants to help you celebrate LOVE with a Valentine ’s Day boudoir photography session. Our pre-sale party for this will be released to all of our Valentine’s Day waitlist members first! We want to show our appreciation and love to you by allowing you the first choice of our Valentine’s boudoir dates and specials.

Treat Yo Self

Every boudoir session comes with professional hair and makeup styling. This is a perfect time to make a date night after your boudoir photography session! Make a special dinner reservation in Scottsdale at Maple and Ash or book a staycation to really spice things up. If you want to join our Valentine’s Day boudoir waitlist, be sure to contact us  to get all the details! We are fortunate to be the #1 Boudoir photography studio in Arizona which means we will book up fast once these dates are released. 

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What is a Jaw Dropping Moment?

The Jaw. Drop. Moment. That’s what we all want to see from our partners right? We want to hear “wow!” “”omg that’s MY person!” and the pinnacle of a jaw dropping moment, the loss for words. Maybe tears well up, a slow smile, and just…pure awe! This is what we constantly see when our lovely brides, soon-to-be moms, moms, girlfriends, and so many more happy guests show the final reveal to their partners. Our beautiful, confident clients get to present a small black book full of their gorgeous photos from Le Boudoir Studio. Our custom albums feature seamless flush mount thick pages that do not fade and will last a lifetime. From individual flicks to double page spreads, this book makes them go “oh my…” and “OH YES” every time! It’s okay if your partner even blushes a little! We love seeing your loved one’s first reaction so much that we have a whole Instagram highlight dedicated to it, check it out at @leboudoirstudio on Instagram.

What events are they good for?

Make your partner’s jaw dropping moment happen whenever you want! Our most popular “reason” is for a wedding, the little black book of your personal boudoir shoot makes for a very sweet wedding gift to your partner. However, you can book your boudoir shoot for any reason. We have women come in for Valentine’s Day, maternity boudoir, girlfriends shoot (hello Vegas!), and just for fun too! The whole goal is to encourage you to feel empowered, confident, love your body, love your femininity, and feel sexy in whatever way that means for you. This comes through loud and clear in your book which is why it makes for such a good gift – your partner gets to see you shine and you will be AMAZED at seeing yourself in a new light. Boudoir shooting is meant to uplift you and can be such a special gift to share with your partner, especially when you surprise them! Their surprised faces are honestly the BEST. 

Treat Yourself! 

At Le Boudoir Studio, we like to have an amazing and super fun time. That’s why we want to make this a pamper day for you too! For your session, we provide makeup and hair for a total glam session before we start shooting. Our hair and makeup experts specifically know what will look best when shooting boudoir and will teach you how to accentuate your features along the way. We have beautiful robes, sets, and all kinds of exciting accessories to choose from. Choose from six sets in our studio to fit your needs whether your style is Pin up, Moody, Sweet or Sultry! Photographer Jodi Lynn will coach you on posing and help you to show your best features while shooting.  We want you to have the supermodel experience so we will help you get there!

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