Unveiling Our Boudoir Muse

January 29, 2024

Tanya has been following Le Boudoir Studio for about 5 years. She has lurked and researched us on social media and through our email newsletters, and finally had the courage to reach out in November during our Boudoir Muse Call. “I actually saw an email “apply to be a Muse” from Le Boudoir Studio and thought “what the heck!” To my surprise I was actually selected!”  We had the pleasure of photographing her at the Mesa Studio space where she matched the luxurious and intimate vibes! Read about her experience with Le Boudoir Studio below.

When you book a boudoir session with us, we send a questionnaire to get to know you better and learn more about how we can customize your session to your comfort level and desires. Tanya had mentioned in her answers that she was wanting to see herself the way her husband sees her. We asked, how did your boudoir session contribute to changing or enhancing your self-perception? “It allowed me to focus on myself and it allowed me to let down my walls and inner thoughts. Miranda really makes you feel like a model.”

Believe it or not, the majority of our clients are actually moms! We know just how challenging this role can be, no matter what age your kids are and it often involves balancing various roles. We were curious to hear how Tanya’s identity as a mother influenced her decision to embark on a boudoir journey, and how has it impacted her sense of sensuality and self? “Becoming a mother was the best thing to ever happen to me but like many others, pregnancy brought the stretch marks, cellulite & body changes. I recently saw a post that said “your stretch marks are your tiger stripes.” That’s when I realized I don’t want to hide them! I want to embrace them!” Tanya said. I know a lot of our boudoir babes and women who are interested in a session can relate to some kind of body insecurity. We ALL have these feelings, and we are here to reassure you that you are not alone.

How did you navigate any insecurities during your session, and did the experience shift your perspective on your body? “I knew going into this shoot I was VERY self conscious of my thighs. I didn’t want to necessarily hide them but I did purchase lingerie sets that were a little bit longer to help me if I felt insecure and I could fall back on. What’s crazy is that my favorite sets of pictures are the ones without the longer sets! I was able to see past the cellulite. Again, Miranda really made me feel so beautiful. I had no issues showing all my normal “bad parts!”

Elevate Your Confidence

One of the most common reasons people are interested in a boudoir session is to seek a boost of confidence. We think this a perfect reason to book one, as it can be a truly transformative experience. Tanya was no exception. We asked her to share specific moments during her boudoir session where she felt a surge of confidence, and how has this newfound confidence translated into other aspects of her life?

“So there were parts of the shoot when Miranda would turn the camera around so I could see the pics. I don’t know if she could tell but once she showed me how I looked on her camera, it immediately gave me a confidence boost and I was able to see myself “through a different lens” literally!”

We love showing our gals photos as we go through the session. It helps them feel more comfortable about what they are doing, and to get that confirmation of how amazing they look!

Each woman we meet brings a unique story to her boudoir session. What elements of your personality, interests, or experiences did you intentionally infuse into your session to make it a true reflection of you? “As I mentioned before, I really wanted to see myself the way my husband does. When I was purchasing the lingerie sets and taking the pictures, I kept imagining how he’s going to react when I show him. And you did not disappoint!!!”

Boudoir sessions can often have a ripple effect on relationships. We wanted to know how the recent experience influenced your connection with your husband, especially considering your desire to see yourself through his eyes? “It has definitely been an interesting experience. I went from having no pictures of myself to printing POSTERS of myself. Going through the pictures and showing my husband’s reaction was absolutely incredible.”

Privacy and Respect During Your Boudoir Session

Helping women feel at ease during a boudoir session is crucial for us here at Le Boudoir Studio. What aspects of the experience, whether it be the setting, the team, or the process, contributed most to making you feel comfortable and empowered? “10/10 Miranda is the biggest HYPE woman out there! She knows how to pose us girls with more to love & that’s what’s really made me feel comfortable. When I first got there, I initially asked her if she does a lot of plus size women, as a plus size woman myself, she said she does and that’s when I knew she was my girl!”

Reconnect with Your Inner Self

Sometimes, clients uncover unexpected aspects of themselves during a boudoir session. Were there any surprises or realizations about yourself that emerged during the shoot or have surfaced after some reflection? “I always thought I was the shy/reserved type but after my shoot I am walking around with more confidence! I look back at these pictures and can’t believe they are me.”

If you could offer advice to someone considering their first boudoir session, especially a fellow mom or someone with similar insecurities, what words of encouragement or insights would you share with them? “Just do the damn thing! It was seriously one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had.”

We hope gals who read these Spotlight Blogs find them inspiring and informative! It is our goal to share real-life experiences with real women. If you have found this relatable and enjoy learning about the boudoir experience, please let us know in the comments below!

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