Top 10 Reasons why you SHOULD schedule a sexy photography shoot

August 9, 2013

We are all our own worst enemy- especially us ladies! We get into our head and pick ourselves apart- which is no good! We could come up with a million reasons why we DON’T love ourselves, but how about if we focused on what we DO love about ourselves? I think our perspective, happiness, and self-esteem would reach greater heights if we focused more on the good. Le Boudoir Studio’s entire mission is to help women reach higher levels of self-esteem by way of sexy photography. Luckily for us, we must be doing something right because our amazing reviews on Yelp and our love notes from previous clients make us feel pretty darn good! We hope we can continue to help women by way of sexy photography for years to come.

Why should I do a sexy photography shoot?

We got to talking here at the studio and decided that we wanted to focus on all the reasons why every woman should definitely schedule a sexy photography shoot! FUN TIMES! We even came up with all the silly reasons that may be in your head that is putting a stop to you actually picking up on the phone and scheduling your sexy photographers in Scottsdale AZ and shoot with Le Boudoir Studio! Here we go…

You say: I need to lose weight first
We say: We’re pro-exercise and eating healthy, but the reality is that there may never be the “right time” or the “perfect dress size” to you. There will always be weight loss and health goals, but why not love yourself enough to throw all out of that out of the window and let Jodi Lynn accentuate and pose you to ensure you feel comfortable and look sexy? In fact check out our awesome plus size blog– tell us she’s not gorgeous and she loved herself enough to just dive in and do it!

You say: I have no one to give the photos to
We say: Even if you do or don’t have a “special somebody” in your life doesn’t mean that you can’t feel and look sexy all for YOU! The entire sexy photography experience is always all about YOU even if you’re the only one who will ever see the pictures, it will make you feel good; we guarantee it!

You say: I don’t look like the girls on your website. They look like models!
We say: First of all, thank you! That means we are doing our job! We are here for the everyday woman. Just like the movies – no one rolls out of bed looking “like a model”. It’s all about the beautifying experience. Just think about this…YOU could be that “model”!

You say: I just don’t have the money
We say: Oh darn that money! Honey, when will you ever have all the money that you could ever dream of having? We will always have bills, things we’re saving up for and an excuse why we SHOULDN’T do something. This is an investment in you and in our eyes there is no price tag for self-esteem and pictures you can look at for years to come during this snapshot of your life to remind yourself just how fabulous you really are!

You say: I’m too old!
We say: Says who? You? No matter if the shoot is for yourself or your honey; you’re the only one who thinks age matters. We have women of all ages and sizes come in and the result is still the same. They end up loving their decision to partake in the boudoir experience.

You say: I’m a mommy and just don’t feel sexy
We say: All the more reason to schedule your boudoir shoot! We know that pregnancy is an extraordinary yet life altering and sometimes body altering experience but we guarantee that your honey is so in love with you. In fact, you’re probably even MORE beautiful now that you’re a mommy. Why not celebrate your womanhood? Yes, you may be a mommy, but you’re still a sexy woman. Plus, mommies deserve to be pampered and we’re pretty good at that!

You say: I don’t feel comfortable wearing lingerie in my bedroom let alone in front of a camera!
We say: Whether you’re wearing lingerie, a sexy dress, a sexy sweater or nothing at all, Jodi Lynn will ensure you feel comfortable and awesome. The key to a successful boudoir shoot besides an awesome boudoir photographer and studio is that you feel confident and comfortable! Bring a few options, we love playing dress up and helping you decide!

You say: I have no real reason to do a boudoir shoot.
We say: Sure we have a lot of women coming in to do a shoot to celebrate something in their life (i.e. wedding, divorce, major weight loss etc) but those aren’t the only reasons to do a boudoir shoot. We can’t stress the importance of celebrating yourself just as you are; right now! You are beautiful as you are and that’s reason enough to schedule a boudoir shoot!

You say: I’m way too shy
We say: That’s why we’re here! Once you get your professional hair and makeup done, you can’t help but feel awesome. Plus, Jodi Lynn is the professional so she will be coaching you the entire way to make sure you feel comfortable and look incredible on camera.

You say: I have way too many flaws to show off so much skin
We say: We guarantee that they are magnified in your own head. Plus, we have amazing editing and airbrush tools that we will use to edit your photos after all is said and done. Jodi Lynn’s team has been carefully trained retouch your entire order including blemishes, skin softening, dark eyes etc. Please know that we will never edit your body unless there is something that shouldn’t be there like a bulge because of an outfit constraint; like a bra strap. We want you to look as natural as possible; after all no one is Barbie, but we could all use a little skin softening sometimes! Don’t worry it will be our little secret *wink

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We’re sure these women had the same questions on whether they should schedule a sexy photography shoot too!  (photos below)

le boudoir studio before and after photographybefore and after photographybefore and after boudoir photography

le boudoir studio before and after 10

le boudoir studio intern

Sexy photography will help to raise your self esteem!

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Now that we’ve gotten all the excuses out of the way…call us to schedule your very own sexy photography shoot at the studio!


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