The Secret to a Happy Marriage is Boudoir Photography

September 7, 2015

“The secret to a happy marriage is boudoir” ~ Le Boudoir Studio client

Relationships and especially marriages take a lot of hard work, determination and of course a whole lot of l-o-v-e! When two people are truly in love and are excited about building a life together; it’s such a beautiful thing. Throughout life’s inevitably ups and downs; it’s so important to find a life partner who can stand by your side through it all. We all know the fundamentals of a successful relationship: communication, honesty, date nights and of course keeping that passion alive. After years of marriage and after children are in the mix; it can be hard to “find your groove” and to feel sexy. That’s why this week’s blog is highlighting this awesome client’s view on boudoir photography. While at Le Boudoir Studio; she literally said “The secret to a happy marriage is boudoir.” We’d have to agree!

17 year anniversary boudoir photography gift!

The world of boudoir photography is all about increasing confidence and really helping women see themselves through a new set of eyes. A set of self-loving eyes that is! It not only helps the women being photographed see themselves as the beautiful women they truly are, but the lucky recipient of the boudoir photography photos will be simply amazed as well. This client decided to spice things up in her 17 year marriage with some saucy yet tasteful photos. We guarantee if she keeps this up; he won’t be going anywhere…ever! 😉 We’re sure the photos helped revive something in their marriage and Le Boudoir Studio is so happy to be a part of happy marriages everywhere.

Spicing it up after 17 years of marriage

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Keep the spark alive with your very own boudoir shoot; after all the secret to a happy marriage is boudoir!


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