Should you sign a model release? (and what is it?)

April 19, 2023

Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many women embracing the opportunity to capture their beauty and sensuality in a tasteful and artistic way. If you’re considering a boudoir photoshoot, you may be wondering about the legalities involved, particularly when it comes to signing a model release.

What is a Boudoir Model Release?

A model release is a legal document that gives the photographer permission to use your images for promotional and commercial purposes. For Le Boudoir Studio, this means using your photos in our portfolio, on our website or social media, or in marketing materials (such as our email newsletter). While the idea of giving someone else permission to use your images might seem daunting, signing a model release is not as scary as it may seem! With Le Boudoir Studio, you have COMPLETE control of which photos we can use and when we post them. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why signing a model release is important, what it entails, and how to ensure you feel comfortable with the process. We’ll also discuss some common misconceptions about model releases. By the end of this blog, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to confidently sign a model release and enjoy your boudoir photoshoot to the fullest.

You are in Control 

The most important thing to know with your model release is that you are in control. Don’t want your face in any of the photos? No problem. Only okay with the black and white photos? You got it. If you sign a model release with Le Boudoir Studio, we give you the freedom to choose which images you want shared! We typically cover all social media and our website, but if you have a specific time frame in mind for posting your photos (like if they’re going to be a gift), we can specify that as well. If you have any questions about your model release, just ask! We are all about your comfort and happiness.

“I saw your post with some of my pictures. Thank you for sharing those. That was so fun to see and more empowering than I thought. Will you be sharing more of them? There are some of them that I’m so proud of and look at with so much confidence. I love what you are doing and for empowering women through boudoir.”

Boudoir Photography is for EVERY woman

Boudoir photography is not just for models or celebrities. It’s a beautiful and empowering experience for every woman, regardless of her background or profession. At our studio, we have worked with women from all walks of life, from business professionals and teachers to nurses and even public figures. Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin, and that’s exactly what boudoir photography can offer. We believe that every woman has a unique story and personality that deserves to be celebrated through stunning and tasteful photographs. So, if you’re considering boudoir photography, know that it’s for every woman, and we’re here to help you feel amazing.

Why sign a model release?

First, it can be a great way to boost your own confidence and self-esteem by seeing yourself in a new light. But most importantly, a signed model release allows us to show other women that beauty and femininity comes in all shapes and sizes. Being beautiful is not defined by a number on the scale or the year you were born. Sensuality is not how perfect your skin is or if society finds you “sexy”.  We believe that boudoir photography should be inclusive of all body types, sizes, and shapes. Every person deserves to feel beautiful and celebrated, regardless of societal beauty standards. We love being able to capture the unique beauty of each individual and create images that are both stunning and empowering. By embracing body positivity and inclusivity at Le Boudoir Studio, we can help to promote a more accepting and diverse society. When you sign your model release we help to show others that your body is beautiful. Signing a model release also helps us at the studio! This allows us to use your images to update our website and social media, which helps our small business grow! 

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