Client Spotlight – Trish, A Challenger for Women’s Health and Self-Love

April 25, 2023

Trish is a pioneer in the field of body positivity, challenging the conventional wisdom that weight loss and self-love cannot be pursued simultaneously. Through her work, Trish has developed actionable steps that empower women to embrace their bodies and cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion and appreciation. Rather than just paying lip service to the idea of body positivity, Trish’s approach is focused on tangible actions that individuals can take to build a healthier relationship with themselves and their bodies. She recognizes that many single women are feeling frustrated with their weight and appearance, and seeks to provide them with the tools and support they need to overcome these challenges. Ultimately, Trish’s message is one of self-trust and self-love, reminding women that they are lovable and deserving of respect, regardless of their size or shape.

Boudoir allows us to see ourselves

For a long time, Trish had been yearning to do a boudoir shoot, but she had always held herself back, believing that she needed to reach a certain weight and look like a model before she could do it. However, she eventually realized that she needed to take her own advice and stop waiting for the perfect moment. She booked a boudoir shoot with Le Boudoir Studio and was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw the final images. Trish couldn’t believe how stunning she looked and finally felt comfortable embracing her true self. Seeing herself through her partner’s eyes helped her appreciate her own beauty and realize her full potential. The experience of doing a couples boudoir shoot was transformative for Trish, and it helped her see herself in a new light. We asked Trish why she was so passionate about self-love and female empowerment, “My strongest pain growing up was thinking ‘I need to lose this weight otherwise guys won’t love me’” Everyone is focusing on weight loss or self-love. But not both. 

Why can’t it be both?

Why choose Le Boudoir Studio?

Trish discovered Le Boudoir Studio through a Google search for local photographers. Although our Gilbert studio was located a bit further away from her, she was immediately drawn to our social media content. Trish was captivated by our beautiful poses and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the studio’s work. However, what really stood out to her was the way that Le Boudoir Studio seemed to prioritize women’s empowerment and body positivity. Trish appreciated our commitment to loving women of all sizes and felt that our aesthetic and vibe aligned perfectly with her values. Overall, Trish’s decision to choose Le Boudoir Studio was based on a combination of our high-quality work and dedication to promoting a positive, inclusive message.

“I really got to see the heart of Le Boudoir Studio. I had looked at other companies and just didn’t feel the connection.”

Curvy Girl Confidence

Trish is a passionate advocate for helping women overcome the restrict and binge cycle commonly associated with chronic or yo-yo dieting. She places a strong emphasis on the importance of self-love, calming the inner critic, and addressing the subconscious mind to promote a healthier relationship with food. Ultimately, she believes that it is essential to approach food choices from an empowered and relaxed perspective, free from fear or demonization of certain foods. Her dedication to empowering women to make healthier choices and develop a positive relationship with food was one of the reasons she decided to write her book, Curvy Girl Confidence!   

Feeling nervous about a boudoir shoot?

When asked what advice she would give to someone considering a boudoir shoot, Trish shared that she had been very nervous before her own shoot. She worried about making the right faces and not liking the way her body looked in the photos. However, Trish was pleasantly surprised by the results and found that the experience was a huge confidence boost. She urges others not to wait until they feel fully confident to book a shoot, emphasizing that the experience of seeing yourself in a new light can be transformative. Trish also noted that some people may have preconceptions about boudoir shoots being distasteful, but she found that her own experience was both empowering and tasteful. Overall, Trish’s advice for anyone considering a boudoir shoot is to go for it and not let fear hold them back.

“Don’t let your weight, make you wait” – Trish



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