Meet the ladies of Le Boudoir Studio

August 3, 2015

You’ve inevitably heard the saying “It takes a village” (to raise a child). The same goes with running a small business! It most definitely takes a village to run a boudoir photography studio. Luckily, for owner and boudoir photographer, Jodi Lynn; she’s been able to find some pretty awesome ladies to help run Le Boudoir Studio. There is so much more going on than meets the eye! On this week’s blog; we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the ladies that are typically behind the scenes in helping to make the boudoir photography business run smoothly!

Learn more about the ladies of Le Boudoir Studio

Meet the ladies of Le Boudoir Studio:

Jodi Lynn Le Boudoir Studio biography

Jodi Lynn Jodi Lynn is the owner, boudoir photographer and visionary of Le Boudoir Studio. She always knew that photography was her passion but it wasn’t until one of her very first clients told her that she had made her feel beautiful that she truly decided which photography direction she would take. Jodi Lynn is passionate about sharing boudoir in an empowering way for everyday women. She jokes that she gets to play dress up for a living, but she knows the impact on her clients is truly more than meets the eye. Personally, Jodi Lynn is passionate about her work, her pup Betsey, antiques and fashion/shopping! On a typical weekend you’ll find Jodi antiquing or creating adventures with her girlfriends. The things it would be impossible for Jodi to give up would be her pup Betsey and tea! Look forward to seeing Jodi Lynn behind the lens; directing you every step of the way soon!

Erica Le Boudoir Studio biography

Erica – Erica has been working with Le Boudoir Studio since September 2010; basically since the beginning of the studio! Erica’s role is to provide clients with professional hair and makeup services before their photo shoot. What she loves most about working at Le Boudoir Studio is meeting and connecting with so many women and seeing their confidence soar after a shoot. Erica is professionally passionate about helping women see their own beauty. She realizes that women can be so critical of ourselves and Erica is there to ease them into the studio atmosphere; all the while just being genuine, having fun, and of course providing them with a fabulous makeover. Personally, Erica is passionate about her family and friends. She lives to connect with others on a deeper level than just the surface; life is all about connection in Erica’s opinion! On a typical weekend night you will find Erica either at home with her husband and two boys or out visiting a friend’s home. Enjoying some down time together as a family is what Erica looks forward to the most. The one thing it would be impossible for Erica to give up is her strong faith in God, because He has never left her side and has brought Erica through any and all of life’s challenges. Look forward to meeting Erica in the pink salon chair soon!

Hayley Le Boudoir Studio biography

HayleyHayley walked into Jodi Lynn’s studio in August 2010 before the doors were officially open, before the AC was even turned on, and requested a photo editing internship. She started in October 2010 and Jodi Lynn has been lucky to have her ever since. She has seen the studio (and owner) grow and evolve into to the amazing business it is today. Now she primarily does white-balancing and exposure enhancement on all of Jodi Lynn’s shoots remotely, but still comes to visit every now and then. Hayley’s favorite part of working at the studio is the amazing employees she has gotten to know over the years. Hayley loves creating concept boudoir shoots; she is a regular client and is 100% addicted to doing photo sessions with Le Boudoir Studio. Look forward to seeing Hayley “on screen” in an upcoming social media or blog post and in the meantime thank her for making all the Le Boudoir Studio images look flawless!

Tianna Le Boudoir Studio biography

TiannaTianna has been working with Le Boudoir Studio since May 2012. Her role is to be the “voice” of Le Boudoir Studio via the blog, newsletters and social media! She is an avid believer in the influence of empowering and lifting up women and loves inspiring the clients and followers of Le Boudoir Studio with her words. Personally and professionally, writing is her passion. Words are how she creates connection and magic with her readers. Not only does she blog professionally, but she has an inspirational blog where she shares life experience and inspiring messages; Wishes for the Soul. On a typical weekend; you’ll find her immersed in a deep conversation with some friends, in Tucson visiting friends and family or off jet setting to visit friends in new places. It would be impossible for her to give up music! If Tianna is around; there will be music on! Look forward to “seeing” Tianna online as our Be-YOU-tiful Blogger!


Le Boudoir Studio hair and makeup artist Lorraine


Lorraine has been working with Le Boudoir Studio for two years. Her role is to provide professional hair and make-up! Her favorite part about working with the clients is in knowing she will get to meet and get to know the clients all while giving them a look they feel beautiful and confident in. Professionally, Lorraine is passionate about her work in makeup and skincare. It makes her happy to know she can help her clients feel better about themselves. Personally, she adores her two daughters and focuses on being the best mommy to them she can be! On a typical weekend; you’ll find Lorraine spending time with her husband and two daughters. It would be impossible for her to give up her career in professional hair and makeup; she feels it makes her a better person all around. Look forward to seeing Lorraine at the studio soon!


Jackalyn Le Boudoir Studio biography

JackalynJackalyn has been working at Le Boudoir Studio as the Associate Photographer since September 2014. Additionally, she also assists with some of the social media tasks.  She feels she is really living her dream and passion of being a part of a photography studio that specializes in showcasing the beauty of women! Jackalyn says the girls on the Le Boudoir Studio team are amazing and she couldn’t imagine a better team. Aside from photography of course; professionally, she is passionate about connecting with others and ensuring the people around her feel taken care of. Personally, she is passionate about her family and food. She loves to cook and entertain! On a typical weekend you’ll find Jackalyn on a date night with her husband at their favorite Thai restaurant, or hosting a night of Cards against Humanity with their friends. It would be impossible for her to live without her puppies, coffee, and pizza. Look forward to seeing Jackalyn behind the lens soon!

Sylvia Le Boudoir Studio biography

SylviaSylvia started at Le Boudoir Studio as an intern in November 2014 and has since become a full time part of the team! You’ll find Sylvia editing photos, helping around the studio, assisting Jodi Lynn and even putting her tech support hat to use. She loves the wonderful mixture of lingerie, boudoir photography and photo editing. The thing she likes most about working at Le Boudoir Studio is that she sees how amazing the clients feel before, during and after their sessions. Sylvia has come to learn that every woman has insecurities no matter what size but they learn how beautiful they are during the shoot. She loves how confident and empowered women are when they leave the studio after their session. In Sylvia’s words: they’re radiant! Professionally, Sylvia would love the opportunity to photograph the beautiful bellies and babies that come in to the studio. She would love to follow in Jodi Lynn’s footsteps and open her own studio one day but she has a hard time thinking of doing that since she loves the girls she works with at the studio so much. Personally, she is very passionate about her sense of family. Having a large family tree with all sorts of branches it’s important for Sylvia to keep in touch with all them. Lucky for Sylvia she has family all over the place so trips to visit are always in order! On a typical weekend night, you’ll find Sylvia curled up on the couch with some wine after cooking a delicious dinner with her boyfriend. She would find it impossible to give up laughter. She is a huge comedy fan and has watched Saturday Night Live religiously since she was 8. Her boyfriend always keeps her laughing with tickle attacks! Look forward to seeing Sylvia at the studio!

Betsey Le Boudoir Studio biography

Betsey – Betsey is Jodi Lynn’s beloved pup. Betsey loves bacon (just like her mama), going on walks and loves to hang out at the studio with all the ladies of Le Boudoir Studio!

Le Boudoir Studio, the all ladies boudoir studio

Jodi Lynn is so appreciative to all the ladies that help Le Boudoir Studio run! We’re all passionate about empowering women and we look forward to working with more of you in the years to come!


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  1. Deb Dewees says:

    I’m making my appointment for my Free Boudoir Shoot VERY soon! Nice introduction to the girls, great job! See you soon 😉

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