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April 5, 2013

Le Boudoir Studio of Tempe, Arizona has the opportunity to work with many women; most of which are coming to us with insecurities and perhaps some reservations about partaking in a sexy photography session. Women in general have this pesky little habit of picking themselves apart; especially in regards to physical appearance. This is part of the reason that so many women are shy or timid to partake in boudoir photography.

Le Boudoir Studio believes sexy photography is for each and EVERY woman; including breast cancer survivors.

We had the absolute privilege of meeting one of our most recent sexy photography clients named Chong. All we can say is that she has changed our view on the benefit of boudoir photography and in life because of her inspiring story. Chong has been diagnosed with breast cancer not once but twice and throughout the entire process of chemotherapy she had to have a mastectomy of one breast. As if the cancer diagnosis along with the grueling process of chemotherapy wasn’t enough to handle, Chong’s marriage fell apart after her second diagnosis. Luckily she has such an amazing disposition that she forgave her ex husband by simply accepting the fact that some people simply aren’t strong enough to handle such a difficult situation.

Chong is using her trials and tribulations as motivation to inspire and encourage other women who are diagnosed with breast cancer by sharing her story in a light hearted yet inspiring memoir of her journey. She hopes that the book will be in hospitals so that women who are beginning or continuing on their breast cancer journey can read and relate to her story. She shares stories of her support system of family and friends including the fact that a wonderful and supportive man did come into her life to help her along the journey. Chong will also be completing her Master’s degree in May 2013 as well as becoming an American citizen in April 2013; goals that she had set and had been delayed by her breast cancer journeys.

Jodi Lynn of Le Boudoir Studio encourages all women to embrace their beauty and explore boudoir photography

The main focus of Chong’s sexy photography session at Le Boudoir Studio was to embrace and honor the fact that she had a mastectomy yet she still feels like a woman and like she is beautiful (inside and out, may we add!) She explains how chemotherapy and the process of losing your hair along with feeling sick so often can wreak havoc on a woman’s psyche especially when it comes to feeling sexy or having motivation to keep loving life in spite of the circumstances. She realizes that most women will put themselves through the elective breast augmentation surgery after they endure chemotherapy and a mastectomy because they feel “incomplete” without breasts; whether it be having one or none. Chong’s message to women is to encourage them NOT to have reconstructive surgery because she believes that women can still be beautiful and should still feel confident and complete as a woman no matter these awful circumstances she has been dealt. Although breast cancer is a scary and daunting process; it should not define a woman’s entire life from that moment on.

Sexy and intimate photography can tell a touching and heartfelt story

Chong is such a bright and inspiring light. The fact that she participated in her own sexy photography session despite the fact that she only has 1 breast speaks volumes about her character. Instead of trying to photograph her by hiding her breast and the scars that have come with the mastectomy; Chong requested that she be photographed in all of her beauty. Jodi Lynn was beyond inspired and happy to oblige in her request. You see, most of us women want to be airbrushed or edited after a boudoir photography session because we are so self-conscious about physical appearance, yet here we have an amazing woman named Chong who embraces who she is and what her body is today. In fact Chong’s message to all women is to “embrace yourself the way you are”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and honestly this is why Jodi Lynn’s passion is boudoir photography. She loves the idea that women can and should embrace themselves as is and celebrate their beauty by participating in a sexy photography session.


 Check out Chong’s amazing boudoir photos below…


We wish that we could show her entire session but for obvious reasons 😉 that is not the case. She is in the process of writing her book and plans on having a picture of her in it from her sexy photography session in order to inspire other women to do the same. We thank Chong for being so brave and for embracing her beauty (and there’s so much). We love you Chong and cannot wait for your book! Thank you for allowing Le Boudoir Studio to capture such beautiful photos and for sharing your story with us.

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