Boudoir photography for his eyes only

March 29, 2013

Some women love the camera while others cover their faces whenever a camera is pointed at them. While some women feel as though they are simply not “model material” because of what they see in the media; we sure hope that all women learn to love themselves inside and out no matter what. At Le Boudoir Studio our intimate photography sessions are aimed at the everyday woman. The woman who wants to feel and look sexy by sharing intimate photos with the special person in her life or even just to have them for herself! Whatever your reason is that you’d like to be part of the Phoenix boudoir photography fun; we are all about it! There is simply no reason big enough that you should talk yourself out of partaking in an intimate photo shoot!

Le Boudoir Studio intimate photography sessions can be as unique as you’d like!

When one of our repeat clients (or shall we call her a boudoir addict *wink) came to us recently with some inspiration of her own for her second boudoir photography shoot, Jodi Lynn was ecstatic! Our Arizona Cardinal loving football hottie decided to incorporate her husband’s love of the game with the love of his life! Our girl saw a video and a GQ magazine spread of bootylicious Beyonce and decided that she wanted to incorporate some of the elements of that shoot into her own (check out her inspiration here)! Super fun idea! Intimate photography is not simply a smile and some lingerie; it can be so much more! In fact, we love it when a client comes to us with inspiration because it makes her boudoir photography shoot that much more unique and it will inevitably show off her personality which of course always makes for rockin’ pictures!

Jodi Lynn’s goal is to make every woman feel beautiful!

Phoenix boudoir photography is such a fun and adventurous event; we hope that more women will learn to tap into their inner vixen and will let their beauty shine through on Jodi Lynn’s camera. Jodi Lynn lives for the purpose of making each and every woman feel beautiful and anytime a client has told her “you made me feel so beautiful” it touches her heart. Boudoir photography is her passion for that reason alone.


Check out our football themed boudoir photo shoot below…

Ooh la la! Do you have some inspiration for your intimate photography session? Contact us today to schedule your boudoir photography shoot in Phoenix, Arizona!



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