Le Boudoir Studio shares the 12 Commandments on loving yourself by Louise Hay

September 21, 2015

At Le Boudoir Studio we’re all about practicing self-love and women empowerment. The world can be a crazy place and it’s important that us women stick together and lift each other up! There’s many theories and ideas out there about women empowerment but the most important advice we can give is to simply LOVE YOURSELF! You get to set the standard for your life and that all starts with self-love. Once you learn to love yourself (every single bit of yourself); you will start to see a shift in the life you create. You will no longer put up with unnecessary drama or people pretending to be your friend. You will do things simply because they make you happy; you will wear whatever you feel great in. Self-love is seriously the best love!

Le Boudoir Studio highlights Louise Hay article

Le Boudoir Studio recently located an awesome article on http://www.healyourlife.com; titled “12 Ways You Can Love Yourself Now” written by the fabulous Louise Hay. We wanted to share the:

“12 Commandments to help you learn how to love yourself”

  1. Stop All Criticism

Treat and talk to yourself like you would your best friend. If we talked to others the way our self-talk speaks; we wouldn’t have any friends!

09 selfappreciation self love le boudoir studio

  1. Forgive Yourself

We ALL make mistakes. It’s just a part of life and honestly mistakes teach you more than anything.

10 selfforgiveness self love le boudoir studio

  1. Don’t Scare Yourself

With our crazy imaginations we can dream of worst case scenarios. Stop! YOU control your thoughts.

01 calmthoughtsonly self love le boudoir studio

  1. Be Gentle and Kind and Patient

We can be gentle, kind and patient with others, but why not ourselves? It’s time to be gentle, kind and patient with ourselves.

11 selfkindness self love le boudoir studio

  1. Be Kind to Your Mind

You may think your mind has a mind of its own, but YOU control your mind. If you find yourself on a negative track; get off that track stat.

06 positivethinking self love le boudoir studio

  1. Praise Yourself

Give yourself credit and give yourself props when necessary.

02 celebrate yourself self love le boudoir studio

  1. Support Yourself

It’s okay to ask for help; in fact, it’s highly recommended. Support yourself by being around friends and family, go for a walk, take a nap; whatever YOU need.

08 selfacceptance self love le boudoir studio

  1. Be Loving to Your Negatives

Negative thoughts and feelings are bound to happen. That’s life. Embrace them and simply let them go as quickly as you can.

03 loveyouruniqueness self love le boudoir studio

  1. Take Care of Your Body

Eat foods that make you feel great. Exercise at least 30 minute a day. The benefits are amazing!

05 positiveselfimage self love le boudoir studio

  1. Do Mirror Work

Look at yourself and tell yourself “I love you!” It may feel silly but it’s important to look YOURSELF in the eye and really mean it.

12 selfreflection self love le boudoir studio

  1. Love Yourself . . . Do It Now

NOW is the best time to start practicing self-love. Not tomorrow, not when you graduate, not when you find the relationship; NOW. You must set the standard for the type of love you want to receive.

07 self love self love le boudoir studio

  1. Have Fun

That’s it. Simply put…have fun! If you’re not having fun doing something; it’s time to make a change. Life is meant to be fun.

04 makelifefun self love le boudoir studio

{Read the whole article here.}


Self-love is the best love!

We hope you’ll continue to love yourself as much as you should!


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