Happy National Ex Spouse Day: Celebrate Being A Single Lady

April 14, 2017

Today, Friday, April 14, is National Ex-Spouse Day (we swear we didn’t make this up) and we are celebrating strong single ladies. While there is no greeting card for this holiday, this “wacky” holiday encourages you to take a positive look at the past and honor ex.

You may be thinking, why would there be a holiday to celebrate your ex? Do we really want to spend our precious time thinking about the past, and dredging up thoughts about relationships that led to a painful divorce? Our answer is yes! Letting go of the past is a huge part of personal growth, and taking a moment to think positive about something painful is step one in the direction of health and happiness (and good karma, too). The non-traditional holiday was created in 1987 by divorce attorney Rev. Ronald Coleman to honor his failed marriage- and the holiday has become a movement in pop culture since…and we’re getting behind the idea of taking a moment to celebrate YOU- the best he ever had!

Most holidays honor significant events or people who changed the world, but let’s be honest…your ex changed his world the day he lost you, and THAT’S something to smile about. By finding a way to embrace the positive ways your ex changed your life, it makes it easier to celebrate where you are currently in your life. Whether your ex changed you for the better or the worse, they changed you and put you on the path to where you are today. National Ex-Spouse Day is about taking a moment — not to celebrate a failed marriage, but to celebrate love, beauty, passion, and intimacy…and that’s exactly what we are helping woman celebrate not only for National Ex-Spouse Day but 365 days a year.

We’re not suggesting you send a card to your ex. But if you want to do something, we say bare it all! Man or no man, embrace the battle scars that make you truly beautiful. It’s time to shed the past and bare it all for YOU because the most important relationship of all is loving yourself and your life- despite imperfections.

Get inspired by these divorced women who said goodbye to their hubby and hello to celebrating their independence with us:

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