Welcome to Le Boudoir Studio’s blog! We are excited to announce that Jodi Lynn is expecting her baby soon — March 8th, to be exact! She and her husband are busy getting ready to welcome their baby girl, and their daughter is bouncing with excitement to have a little sister.

During the last several months, Jodi Lynn has been busy with all the preparations that must be done along the way when you’re expecting. She has been reacquainted with all of the world-changing effects of bringing a new life into the world. From preparing the baby room to satisfying her cravings — apple fritters and anything pickled — there is a lot to take in and do before she and her family get to meet their little one.

Additionally, she and her husband have decided to use the expertise of a midwife for a VBAC delivery — vaginal birth after cesarean. Jodi Lynn is excited to experience giving birth to her daughter naturally, and to have the expertise of a midwife by her side during the birthing process: a midwife’s professional expertise can be a true asset before, during, and after the birth.    

With a March 8th due date quickly approaching, the energy around our Scottsdale studio is one full of excitement and support for Jodi Lynn and her family in welcoming the newest member to their family. With this in mind, there is some business around the studio to be aware of:

A Few Things to Know While Jodi Lynn is Away

With the arrival of Jodi Lynn’s baby girl, there are some things you should know about business around our photography and boudoir studio in Scottsdale.

No bookings will be available till late April 2019

We understand this is an inconvenience and that a lot sessions have had to be canceled as a result — we apologize for that and hate that we can’t provide you the unique photography experience of our Le Boudoir Studio.

However, we do want to offer you options to get beautiful photography while Jodi Lynn is away having her baby.

Denise Nicole Fine Art Photography

Denise Nicole is a highly sought-after photographer in the Phoenix area offering a variety of photography styles:

  • Wedding
  • Boudoir
  • Maternity
  • Family
  • Outdoor

Denise offers a photography experience that truly captures the scene and spirit of her subjects, and her passion for truly capturing the moment is evident in all of her photography. Learn more about Denise Nicole Fine Art Photography.

Shannon Burke Photography

For those looking for beautiful newborn, maternity, and newborn photography, we suggest the work of Shannon Burke — another highly sought after photographer in the Phoenix area. She specializes in providing beautiful stills of your little one’s first days. She provides multiple package options that allow you to get beautiful, artful and meaningful photos of your little one. She also offers:

  • Maternity
  • Birth
  • Newborn
  • Children
  • Family
  • Cake Smash
  • Bundles

Shannon has over 3 years of experience and her passion for capturing her subjects as well as providing a patient, personalized, professional experience is seen in everything that she does. Learn more about Shannon Burke Photography.

We are all very excited to welcome our newest member to the Le Boudoir Studio family and wish Jodi Lynn and her husband all the best. Once again we are very sorry about any inconvenience that this has caused.

We will resume taking bookings in late April 2019. Please contact us with any of your questions! We would love to help you get the beautiful photos and photography experience that you are looking for.

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Meet Jodi Lynn, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.