Boudoir photographer teaching another aspiring boudoir photographer

October 4, 2013

Jodi Lynn’s amazing talent and the fabulous all girly Le Boudoir Studio did not just appear out of thin air! It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance for Jodi Lynn to be where she is today…and she’s just getting started! As a boudoir photographer she understands all the ins and outs of creating your business from the ground up and all of the knowledge that goes into the fabulous photographs you see on her website and the Le Boudoir Studio Facebook page.

Boudoir photographer mentors up and coming boudoir photographer

When a lovely lady came into the studio to work with boudoir photographer Jodi Lynn; Jodi Lynn had an idea! She thought that if her client wouldn’t mind, she would bring in aspiring boudoir photographer Wendy Nolte (Wendy Nolte Photography) to teach her the boudoir photographer niche during a live photography session! Fun stuff! As Jodi Lynn worked her magic with her client who was surprising her navy firefighter honey with some sexy firefighter, sexy sailor and Green Bay Packers photos – Wendy was able to observe, ask questions and really see what goes into the behind the scenes of a professional boudoir shoot!

Boudoir photography teaching in action

After Wendy observed Jodi Lynn; she was able to actually practice her boudoir photography skills herself at Le Boudoir Studio! Check out the photos of her in action being trained by Jodi Lynn.

All photos below taken by Jodi Lynn…

professional boudoir shootBoudoir photography in actionLe Boudoir Studio

boudoir photographer training

Check out our sexy girl playing dress up in many ways during her oh so fun shoot with Jodi Lynn:

boudoir photography

Jodi Lynn mentor sessionaspiring boudoir photographerLe Boudoir Studio mentorsboudoir photography mentoringnavy firefigher boudoirLe Boudoir Studio mentor sessionboudoir photographerboudoir photographer at Le Boudoir Studio

Isn’t it great that someone as talented as Jodi Lynn would share her wisdom and help an aspiring boudoir photographer? It truly is a testament that she truly is passionate about this line of work. She wants all women to feel beautiful! If you want to work with Jodi Lynn directly, call us today!



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