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May 7, 2010

Getting any kind of professional photography done is an important occasion for the person or persons being photographed. Also, senior portraits are an important rite that almost every senior must go through. Since senior portraits are such an important part of a senior’s life, it is best to make sure everything is done correctly. First, you will need to select a photographer to take your son’s or daughter’s photos. In this article, we shall be looking at how to choose the right senior picture photographer

Tips on choosing the right Senior Picture Photographer in Las Vegas.
Having a senior picture taken can be a daunting task because it is sometimes difficult to search for the right photographer. When looking for a photographer, you should first look at some of the photographer’s work to make sure you like the scenes he or she selects and that you like the overall style the photographer has. Also, you want to make sure they are courteous and respectful of your time during the session.

Choosing the right photographer is obviously critical if you are going to like your pictures. Here are some tips on what to look for in a great photographer.

1. Obviously, you need to review your photographer’s past work. Here’s what to look for: Senior portraits aren’t that difficult compared to other types of photography. If your photographer has done great work in the past, it is likely that he/she will be able to repeat that in the future. Your job is to make sure that they have done great work in the past. When looking through portfolios, pay attention to how many photos you see of a particular person. Is there only one of each person, or a dozen? If your photographer can’t show you a variety of impressive images of each person, you should assume that there was only one successful shot from each session. Whether or not one good picture is enough is strictly up to you.

2. Experience – Anyone trying to make a business out of taking senior pictures is likely to claim to have experience. Check up on this claim by asking to see photographs. If the photographer balks or is insulted, then they are certainly not right for the job. Any experienced photographer should have a library of portfolios that they can show and be willing to explain the artistic elements in each and every shot.

3. Licensed – Photographers need to be licensed, at least if they wish to run a legitimate company. Never trust any company that is not licensed, especially with something as important as senior photos. Imagine what would happen if a hurricane were to sweep through the area and you had to abandon your scrapbooks. A licensed business would probably be around to have digital copies for you to restore, but an unlicensed business could be gone just as fast as the hurricane itself.

4. Membership – Just like any other type of professional, photographers have membership-based organizations that they can belong to. Membership certainly has its privileges, but it is also a lot like a student belonging to a club or organization; the membership and participation show interest and dedication to the matter at hand. College recruiters know this, high school seniors know this, and the same logic applies to all kinds of businesses. Would you want senior pictures taken by an organization that was not truly interested in their craft to the point where they were not members of organizations? Probably not.

5. Does your photographer’s style match your own? Would you feel comfortable putting your face on the poses in your photographer’s portfolio? Would you be proud to distribute pictures like that of yourself? If your photographer does only studio shots with chiffon drapes and muslin backdrops, you need to decide if those backdrops can represent who you are and what you like to do. If your photographer only does on-location shots in city parks, ask yourself how much time you would normally spend in public parks. If your photographer has a lot of examples of dramatic poses and exotic lighting, consider whether that is the type of photograph you want as a reflection of yourself. If your photographer’s poses are stiff or casual, keep in mind that this is how your own photos will look.

6. What is your budget? The cost of senior pictures ranges from free (from your friend’s mom with a camera) to limitlessly expensive. If your photographer quotes you a “sitting fee” or “session fee”, be sure to ask about the package rates. Most photographers will require you to purchase enlargements and copies from them at much higher rates than you are used to at Costco or Walgreens. The print quality may or may not be better than you are used to. Ask about costs to purchase printing rights if you are interested in purchasing prints from a common photo counter. Some photographers will sell you high-resolution digital copies of touched-up photos for an additional fee. If this is unavailable or too high a cost to justify, ask about availability of low-resolution images for distribution on Facebook or Instagram.

7. Is conversation awkward with your photographer? Unless you have the poise and natural expressions of a professional model, your photographer plays the important role of directing your poses during your photo session. If you find it difficult to talk to him/her on the phone or in the lounge of the studio, things are only going to be worse when there is a camera pointed at you. (The photographer that took my senior portraits had a knack for cracking unfunny jokes right when I was on the verge of producing a sincere smile. It didn’t help.) Photographers that are rushed, arrogant, pretentious, corny, or rude will be difficult to work with. A photographer with a personality that puts you at ease is invaluable.


In the light of the above, we see that having a senior portrait done is a very important time in a family’s life. These portraits show how much you or your child has grown since they were young. Also, it signifies a new chapter in a young person’s life. It is best to remember that these photos will last a lifetime so you want to select a photographer very carefully. Also, the clothing that is worn in the pictures is important as well. Finally, it is extremely important to be very selective when choosing the photographs the family or the senior want to keep since the photos will likely grace a wall or an end table for many years.

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