A lot of time and effort goes into running a successful photography business. I love getting to be creative, have a flexible schedule, and most of all working with amazing people. However at the end of the day, is your business ACTUALLY making money? Do you know your cost of goods sold? Do you know your profit margin? Are you making a livable wage? Are your package upgrades actually making you more money or just creating more work? 

I've created a spreadsheet that breaks down your package costs, labor hours, cost of goods, and shows you exactly what you're making per hour. See what is working for your business, and what might need adjusting to better suit your needs.

Template available via Excel. Google Sheets option available per request. 

package and profit calculator


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Are your packages actually making a profit? Use my spreadsheet to breakdown each package, including all the items you offer with it and calculate your total profit margin on the entire package! This is a great calculation to have to show that when you upgrade your client to your next package, the cost of the items in it isn’t eating your profit. You want to make sure that each upgraded package also creates a great profit margin better than the last. 

package profits

This is a great tool if you do a lot of “a la carte” items for your clients. You’ll be able to type in what you charge your clients for the actual item and what your actual cost is to determine your profit margin. 

item profits

This convenient sheet breaks down your package cost, how many hours you spend on it (shooting, editing, etc) and what your hourly wage comes out to. This will help you ensure you are making a wage that you are proud of! 

time spent wages


• Package and Profit Calculator
• The Essential Boudoir Photography Contracts
• Client Communications: Questionnaire and Canned Email Responses

the ultimate business bundle

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An essential part to any boudoir photography business is having contracts with your clients. These protect you and your business, and also lay out the expectations for your shoot. We have created three comprehensive contracts specifically for boudoir photographers.

the essential boudoir photography contracts

Client communication is an essential part of your business. We've created this questionnaire and series of canned emails to save you time and energy that should be spent on doing what you love! We have created these to make communicating with your clients a breeze.

client communications: questionnaire and canned email responses

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