October Client Spotlight

October 15, 2023

Women who book a boudoir session with us have many different reasons for doing so. Some choose to celebrate a milestone in their life (getting married, maternity boudoir, birthday, and so much more). Another reason for some to celebrate is a weight loss journey.  Many of our boudoir gals want to celebrate their new bodies and reward themselves for achieving their amazing weight loss goals.

Today, we are featuring an inspirational story featuring a recent client, Kristi. She underwent gastric sleeve surgery in January of this year and told herself when she lost 100 lbs she would book her first boudoir session. We are so honored to have the opportunity to work with Kristi, and to share her story!

How did you find out about boudoir and Le Boudoir Studio?  When I was getting close to my goal I did a google search for boudoir photographers in Arizona and Le Boudoir was one of them that came up. I loved the options and the Phoenix location so I booked!

What was the thing that finally got you to book a session? I have always wanted to do one of these shoots but I have never had the confidence. I had gastric sleeve surgery on 1/27/23 and told myself when I lost 100 lbs I would book… well- that happened a lot faster than I thought it would so I was able to book for my shoot in September just 8 months post op.

What was your relationship with your body/your self confidence before your photo session? Even though I have lost a lot of weight I am still very self conscious. I’d look in the mirror and still see that 353 lb woman from 8 months ago. It’s a hard transition to see your body physically change so quickly. My brain can’t catch up to my body.

Did having professional hair and makeup included in the shoot help? What impact did that have? You also brought in so many amazing outfits! How was the process shopping for those with your recent weight change?   Professional hair and make up was honestly such a high weight lifted off of my shoulders. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I had to do that myself. I am not gifted in that area…. I began shopping for outfits almost immediately after I booked my shoot! I had no idea what I was comfortable in and what would look right on my body. The very first outfit I tried on I ended up using in my shoot. I had no idea I’d feel comfortable in a 2 piece like that. On top of that- for the first time in my life I was able to walk into a Victoria secret and buy something that fit me (the black dove) ! It was a HUGE milestone for me so I had to include it. When picking out the other outfits I was surprised when I really liked the red one. It was the one that made me the most uncomfortable but also made me feel the most sexy! The second I tried it on I knew I wanted to use the accessories with it.

How do you feel the session has impacted you and aspects of your life so far? The session definitely brought out a side of me I didn’t know was hiding. It made me feel fierce! 3 weeks later and I still feel fierce.

What was your favorite part of the session? I honestly had a really great time getting to know the crew. Miranda and the girls made me feel so comfortable and we were able to chit chat and laugh like I didn’t just meet them that morning.

I know you originally came in to celebrate losing 100 pounds after weight loss surgery. A lot of gals looking to do boudoir say “I need to do ___ before I book” mainly with reasons surrounding weight. What would you say to those hesitant about booking when it comes to having a hard time accepting the current physical state we are in and how boudoir could help with that?  Do it! Now! Don’t wait. I was in that same boat. I have wanted to do a boudoir shoot for years and I never took that step because I didn’t feel comfortable. The shoot will bring out the fun, flirty, sexy side of you and you’ll build a confidence you didn’t know you needed! The whole process is so much fun. Picking out your outfits and getting your hair and make up done and then the shoot. You will leave that room with a smile on your face feeling like you can conquer the world.

What led you to do the surgery, how that has affected you mentally and physically, and what other goals you want to accomplish through your journey?  I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. Even in elementary school. I tried diet after diet and I’d lose weight but plateau and gain it back. I had many comorbidities;  PCOS, High blood pressure, and all of the things that come with those. Medications and horrible symptoms I live with daily.  My body was tired. I was tired. My Dad died when he was only 68 years old. Many other family members were very young too. I didn’t want to be like that so I started this journey in February of 2022. That is when I went to my first consultation. The pre-requisites were extensive and I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it… until 2 months into my journey my Mom died. She was only 64. This solidified my decision and I spent the next year completing test after test appointment after appointment until I was finally able to have my surgery on 1/27/23.  The physical changes have been the most exciting. I weighed the highest at 353 lbs, and as of today I am 237 lbs.  There are little things I failed to appreciate… crossing my legs, being flexible, fitting behind the steering wheel of my car without my belly touching the wheel, breathing… being able to do anything without getting winded. I am a singer and feeling the changes in my breath support. It has been insane! Mentally it has been the hardest. Body dysmorphia is real and there are times I look in the mirror and I still see 353 lbs. I still see the big girl who was always there. I still hesitate before sitting in a plastic chair wondering if it will hold my weight. I still look for the bigger shirts to hide body parts I used to hate that I don’t hate anymore. Old habits are hard to break. I started this journey wearing a 6x top and i am now wearing large/extra large tops. Goals: I am only 42 lbs from my goal weight and I am hoping to meet that before my 1 year post op. I have already been taken off of all of my meds for blood pressure, All of my blood work has come back within normal ranges. I am healthy. If I never lose another lb I’ll call all of this worth it just for that reason in itself.

If you were to do another session, what would you want to do for session 2.0? 

I think I would do another session in more outfits out of my comfort zone.

If you have shared your boudoir experience with others, what have you told them about it and what have been their reactions so far?  I have had SO much positive feedback. Many have asked me where I went. Many have commented on how confident and happy I look.

Do you have any advice for other individuals considering a boudoir shoot?  Do it! Now! Don’t wait. The most important thing is to do it for yourself. It can be fun to do it as a gift for someone else… but it should be for you!

From Kristi: “This is a message to my fellow plus size ladies…. If any part of you is considering doing a shoot like this you should absolutely do it. Whatever is holding you back, throw it out the window! YOU are beautiful. YOU are sexy. YOU are fierce. YOU are a bad bitch and don’t you forget it!”

You can follow along with Kristi’s journey at @thriving_n_survivng22

We want you to know that Le Boudoir Studio is here to help you every step of the way. From the moment you book, we work with you to help create a stress-free and knowledgeable experience. We provide complete Session Prep and Style Guides with so many amazing places to shop (both local and online). Through our Questionnaire we get to know all about you to help customize your session, including what features you want to show off, and those that you are still learning to love. With our expert posing and guidance, lighting techniques, and editing style (including a lightly airbrushed finish) we want you to come just as you are!

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