New photography set at Le Boudoir Studio

January 5, 2015

Le Boudoir Studio has been in business for five years; thanks to all of you! In order to keep the boudoir photography options fresh and new; we like to add new photography set choices! Our Tempe, Arizona studio has been transformed from the ground up since we started. It’s so much fun thinking of new ways that women can show off their inner supermodel.

New photography set at Le Boudoir Studio

This particular boudoir session is focused on bringing out the vulnerable side of photography. Some people may think that being vulnerable is a bad thing, but we disagree. Showing vulnerability and emotion on camera during a boudoir photography session is especially important. The more comfortable you are; the better your photos will come out. Our boudoir photographers Jodi Lynn and Jackalyn are fabulous ladies and will have you feeling comfortable in no time.

Vulnerable boudoir in Tempe, Arizona

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Make 2015 the year you try something “out of the box” and book a boudoir session with Le Boudoir Studio. You can see a complete picture of our boudoir photography set options on our previous blog. We look forward to hearing from you; contact the studio today!


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