Meet the ladies of Le Boudoir Studio in Tempe, Arizona

September 10, 2012

You know the saying “Behind every great man is an even greater woman”? I guess you could say the same thing for Le Boudoir Studio. Except it might go something like “Behind every great photographer is a few great ladies behind the scenes” Jodi is the girl behind the lens making all the magic happen, but there is a lot more than meets the eye that must happen to create what is Le Boudoir Studio. The fantastic thing about it is that we all LOVE what we do 🙂 We love being the number one choice for sexy photography in Tempe, Arizona!

Le Boudoir Studio ladies that make the magic happen

Check us out…


We all know Jodi’s mission is to make someone feel amazing and all the ladies at the studio work hard to make sure that is the case. We are all so very lucky to be surrounded by such talent and are honored to work with such an amazing woman. Jodi has such a wonderful heart and is truly passionate about what she does.

Jodi Lynn is passionate about her photography business in Tempe, Arizona

So what is it that we do you wonder? See below…

We not only love working with Jodi, but we love ensuring that our clients are going to feel amazing before, during and after their shoot. Without all the lovely ladies that choose Le Boudoir Studio we would not be able to do what we love, so thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts for making our work such a success. We look forward to much more success in the future!!!


A special thank you to one of our main make up and hair artists Erica for making all of us ladies look fantastic and to Jez Noble for shooting all of the fabulous ladies!


Kisses ~ Your Be-YOU-tiful Boudoir Blogger


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  1. Denise Nicole Saucedo says:

    I love this Jodi Lynn! Your blog is purrrrrfect girl! And you are doing such wonderful things with it by bringing out your personality. I miss working there! I wish I could be in one of those mini photos! Ahhhhhhh! LOVe YOU!

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