Maybe It’s Time to Steal Your Man’s Porsche

July 10, 2019

Hello, and welcome back to the Le Boudoir Studio blog! Today, we are excited to talk about not only the history of boudoir, but also how to customize your shoot to make it special for your special someone. A classic boudoir setting always makes for a meaningful, sexy gift to give your partner. However, including one of their favorite things on set can make it even more special. One of our clients stole her man’s Porsche, and we can’t get enough of her shoot. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to schedule with our boudoir studio in the Phoenix area.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Gilbert

Sexy photography photo shoot Gilbert

Boudoir Beginnings

Boudoir photography has become increasingly more popular in Phoenix and beyond as a means for women to celebrate their bodies, beauty, and sexuality, and as a way to gift their partner a special keepsake. Though boudoir photography has evolved with the times, the heart of the art form has remained the same — a celebration of women and those they love. 

A Celebration of Women

Boudoir photography first began in France and showcased women within their space — their boudoir — a room between the dining room and bedroom. Women would spend a great amount of time in this space and would often entertain romantic partners there. During these photoshoots, much like their modern counterparts, women would wear lingerie or would be tastefully nude. To be dressed or undressed in this way wasn’t to perpetuate an ideal or intrude on a woman’s space; it was to showcase her beauty and imply sexuality —  not vulgarity. 

Boudoir photography with cars in Gilbert

Professional boudoir photography in Gilbert

Evolving With the Times

Over the years, boudoir photography moved from the woman’s boudoir and into studios created just for these particular photoshoots or luxurious hotel rooms. Some photographers continued to capture implied nudity while others such as Albert Arthur Allen was the first to showcase fully nude images of his female subjects. 

Today, most modern boudoir studios, like Le Boudoir Studio, allow their subjects to dress or undress as they like and to customize their outfits and set pieces to their and their partner’s tastes — and that can mean including some of their favorite things like wearing their sports team jersey or even posing with their partner’s “other baby,” their sports car!

How Do I Make My Shoot Special?

At Le Boudoir, we love helping our clients create a customized look and experience. Creating a look that your partner will love goes beyond just wearing that sexy little red number they like. Though we do encourage you to wear your favorite lingerie, there are more ways to amp up the sex appeal of your shoot that will make it special to your partner. 

Pro boudoir photos in Gilbert

Lingerie photo shoot in Gilbert

Boudoir photographer in Gilbert

Sexy boudoir in Gilbert

Have Your Considered Stealing Their Porsche? 

Our partners all have their “things,” those items that they consider their “babies” or their favorite teams brands, and bands that they would go down fighting for. To make your shoot extra special for your special someone, why not include their favorite things? These can include: 

  • Team jersey
  • Hunting gear (be sure to ask us about specifics)
  • Musical instruments
  • Sporting gear
  • Tools
  • Games
  • Sports car or truck
  • And more!

One of our clients recently got extra creative and snuck out her man’s Porsche for the afternoon! As you can see, she wore a sexy outfit that matched the aesthetic of the Porsche, showcasing two of her man’s favorite things — her and his Porsche.

View our gallery for more ideas about how to make your photoshoot your own and schedule with Le Boudoir Studio today!  

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