Love Yourself and Your Business Boudoir Workshop 9/27/15 and 9/28/15 With Jodi Lynn and Denise Nicole

July 20, 2015


Le Boudoir Studio

Boudoir Workshop Are You Having Trouble

Connecting personally with your clients and creating emotional and moving images?

Using social media as a personal sound board to target your audience and being a company your clients can trust?

With in person sales and up selling?

With flow posing or just posing in general to make a woman look her best and feel confident while doing so?

If so, this workshop is just for you!!!!!

Boudoir Workshop Mission

To teach you how to capture the essence of a woman through finding her inner beauty while using flow posing and emotional connection and in return creating a very profitable business.

This workshop is a 2 day extravaganza that provides you with a new way to explore, experience, and create art in various ways in order to refresh your creative mind. It will be an all hands on workshop where we will guide you through our process and how we connect with our clients and create amazing high end sales you never thought imaginable. We will exercise your mind in thinking differently and more creatively on one end of the spectrum for a smaller and more boutique business and on a different spectrum get you the poses you need that sell with just a few twists and turns in as few poses as possible for a higher volume paced studio.

Denise and Jodi feel that they learned the most on the other side of the camera. By putting yourself in your clients shoes both physically and emotionally you are able to open up and become more vulnerable. And by being vulnerable is where all the magic lies.  Which is why we are including the 2nd day of the workshop at no extra charge. Both artists will personally photograph you and take you through an entire experience and send you home with a USB of beautiful 8 x 12 images.

Connecting personally with your clients and creating emotional and moving images that will have your clients wanting more and not being able to choose what to buy is what every business wants. We can show you just how to accomplish that.

Denise Nicole Photography

Denise Nicole Photography

Personal Social Media Connection and being a company your clients can trust, plays a very important role in the boutique business. Are you currently doing this? This self portrait got 258 likes, 99 comments and 5 shares.

Denise Nicole Photography Social Media Personal Client Connection

In person sales and up selling is a very valuable tool that every business should be confident in doing. We will go over how this is done without even feeling like you are selling.  The images sell themselves.

Le Boudoir Studio product sales boudoir workshop

Flow posing or just posing in general to make a woman look her best and feel confident while doing so can be intimidating.  But if you have just a few go to positions you can create many different angles and emotion to make an image look completely different from the next and still be a very easy sell. It’s all about the angles. We all want to look flattering. And we will show you exactly how to do that.

le boudoir studio denise nicole photography boudoir workshopdenise nicole photography le boudoir studio boudoir workshop

Love Yourself and Your Business Boudoir Workshop About the Artists

Denise Nicole is a fine boudoir photographer.

Denise Nicole of Denise Nicole Photography

She has a very personal connection to photographing women because of her past. Her experiences have made her a stronger woman today and she thrives on uplifting women and building their self confidence that we sometimes tend to lose along the way through emotive coaching and personal client connection.  She reaches down deep inside to the core of a woman and finds out what truly lies beneath.

Check out her sites below!

Jodi Lynn:

Jodi Lynn Le Boudoir Studio

Jodi Lynn has owned and operated her boudoir studio in Scottsdale AZ since 2010. Her main focus is boosting self-confidence in women. She has worked with thousands of women and has helped them see themselves in the eyes of others.  “I want to help the women that I have the privilege of working with increase their self-acceptance and self-love by way of boudoir photography. A woman who not only accepts herself but loves herself – is an unstoppable force. I hope that all women will allow themselves the boudoir experience because every woman deserves to be a “supermodel” for a day.” 

Check out her sites below!


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Boudoir Workshop Client Testimonials

Le Boudoir Studio client testimonial

My husband and I have seven children, and I have had 5 of our kids biologically, so needless to say, my body has gone through some changes. In spite of those changes, though, my husband still makes me feel beautiful every single day and I wanted to find a way to thank him. I was hesitant and nervous about posing for intimate photos (this was a first for me), but I knew it would be something my sweetheart would cherish. From the first moment I entered Le Boudoir Studio, the ladies there made me feel completely comfortable. Jodi Lynn (photographer) and Erica (makeup and hair) were so genuine and friendly. The whole experience was positive and surprisingly liberating. And needless to say, the pictures turned out stunning, far exceeding my expectations. My husband literally wept when he saw them. This was a priceless gift for him that he will treasure for the rest of his life. Thank you Jodi Lynn for making this such a fantastically unforgettable experience. 


Le Boudoir Studio client review


My fiancé and I visited his niece, in Phoenix last Thanksgiving, (we live in Dallas),  and she was so sweet to share with me her fantastic boudoir photos that were shot by Jodi, at Le Boudoir!  They were simply extraordinary!  She wanted my professional opinion, because I am an on set Photo Stylist by trade!  I have worked for renowned photographers over the country and she wanted my professional opinion. Well my opinion was OMG!  This gal is amazing!  So..

I then had this wonderful, crazy idea to call my girlfriend, who lives in Denver, to get together for a girls weekend, and meet Jodi for a shoot!  We both just got engaged at the same time and thought this would be a great gift for our guys!  My girlfriend and I are friends…actually now we call ourselves sisters after a 25 year friendship! We have journeyed through a lifetime of adventures together!  We’ve raised our boys.. 5 altogether.. and worked hard as single moms! We thought this was a well deserved treat for ourselves to share this experience together before we get married!  

We both flew to Phoenix and had arranged our “spa” weekend away as we told our fiancés, but in truth it was all about our shoot with Jodi!  

Our shoot was the most amazing, incredible day!  We sipped champagne, had our hair, makeup and wardrobe completed by “the team”, and took off into an unforgettable journey of sexiness!  Jodi and her gals gave us the confidence to be feminine and made us oh so pretty!  It was the whole package!  We are so proud of our images, and as women in our 50’s, we think we look incredible!  We can’t wait to share our books with our guys!  They are going to be beyond delighted!

Thanks to Le Boudoir for making this adventure one of our most memorable and definitely most “beautiful” trips ever!  Love and many hugs  


Denise Nicole Photography review

My words cannot express my gratitude for Denise and her beautiful photography.  I was just coming out of a divorce and felt completely lost.  Her loving personality, her huge heart and her willingness to do whatever needed to keep me comfortable was the perfect medicine for my broken heart. When I saw my images for the first time I was floored! I couldn’t believe that was me! Honestly something changed me on that very day.  It was a moment that launched me into the new me. And I will forever be grateful for her and her talent to show me who I really was underneath all my layers. I can’t wait to get back into her studio! 


Denise Nicole Photography testimonial

I came across Denise in 2012.  I was a little insecure about my body at the time.  Denise made me feel so beautiful, relaxed and comfortable.  The experience and photos were amazing! She gave me something I lacked, self confidence and determination.  The experience made me love myself again.  It made me want to take better care of my health. These last 3 years she has brought me out of my shell more and more and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for bringing this beautiful woman into my life! 

Boudoir Workshop FAQ's

When is the workshop?

September 27th and 28th,  2015

How much is the workshop?

The workshop is $2500 and includes an all day experience and a free session the following day with both artists. There will be a pre-booking discount if purchased by 7/31/2015 a savings of $300!!

Do you accept payment plans?

You can pay in full up front or put down $500 deposit upon booking.

A second payment of  $1,000 is Due by August 27th

and remainder of $1,000 ($700 if you pre-booked) is due 2 weeks prior to workshop date September 13th.

Where will the workshop take place?

At the beautiful Le Boudoir Studio in Tempe, Arizona

What skill level of photography do I need to have to attend?

This is for all skill levels that know their camera and manual settings and functions.

Can I use these images for my portfolio?

Yes!!! You can use these amazing images for your portfolio but when blogging we require that you mention the workshop and vendors involved. Must include both artists websites.

Schedule of Events:

  • We will start off with introductions and get to know everyone on a personal level and create amazing friendships. Isn’t that what workshops are for?? Networking with like minded peers?
  • Jodi Lynn will start it off with Flow Posing and how to make an amazing sale.
  • She will then photograph a beautiful model and allow each attendee 2 minutes to either direct or allow her to direct so that you have amazing images to walk away with.
  • We will take a lunch break — because let’s face it… food is important. We don’t need hangry people. 🙂

Jodi Lynn


  • Denise will pick up with how to bring out your true personality and how to love yourself, in doing so she can bring out the sensuality of a woman and break down walls that we all tend to build up around ourselves.
  • Followed up with photographing an emotional shoot with a model and 2 minutes of portfolio building per attendee
  • Jodi will go over a mini session and how to look for angles in different types of shapes of women. What works best and what sells most.
  • You will get 2 minutes of portfolio building and  we will break for a snack.
  • Jodi will talk about up selling and how it has tripled her business.
  • Denise will do an outside session and show you how you don’t need a studio in order to shoot boudoir. All you need is beautiful light and a subject who is willing to trust your judgment and professionalism.
  • 2 minute portfolio building per attendee
  • Denise will talk about the importance of personal social media connection and how she has repeat clients year after year.

T & A time oops Q & A, Q AND A!!!!!!!

Are you ready to invest in yourself  and your business?!

Boudoir Workshop Buy Now

Hope to see you there gorgeous!


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