Less is more when it comes to Le Boudoir Studio boudoir photography

August 24, 2015

Less is more; we’ve all heard that saying a time or two before. That couldn’t be truer when it comes to photographing women in particular. Women embracing their natural beauty is invaluable. Boudoir photography doesn’t always require a ton of makeup, multiple curls, high heels and scantily clad lingerie. A sexy photography session can still capture the sexiness of the woman when she appears as a natural beauty. This particular session on the blog this week is showing off a simple yet elegant film photography shoot.

Less is more; sexy photography

Film photography may seem like it’s a dying medium, but it isn’t! Le Boudoir Studio owner and photographer, Jodi Lynn; still adores film photography. The lady being featured in these photos is incredibly beautiful and sexy all rolled into one. Her hair and makeup are lovely yet natural. The photographs show very little, yet just enough. At Le Boudoir Studio; it’s completely up to you what kind of boudoir photos and the type of look you want.

Boudoir film photography

01 le boudoir studio02 le boudoir studio film photography03 film photography04 less is more boudoir photography05 black and white film photography

Less really is more in this instance…


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