Le Boudoir Studio silhouette boudoir photography

November 16, 2015

You’ve heard the saying “less is more” and sometimes that couldn’t be truer! There’s something about a natural or simplistic approach when it comes to boudoir photography that adds to the beauty of the photos. Silhouette boudoir photography is especially powerful and stunning simply by isolating the subject of the photo. It creates a sense of emotion, drama and a sort of mystery to the images. Boudoir silhouettes are even more stunning.

Silhouette boudoir photography in Tempe, AZ

Silhouette photography leaves a little more to the imagination for the viewer. It creates a sense of wonder and when used for boudoir photography; it creates an almost forbidden feel. The client can choose to expose more knowing that their beautiful boudoir images will always be classy and tasteful. This particular client is on our Supermodel set and we’d have to say in our opinion; she looks like a supermodel! These photos turned out super sexy!

Le Boudoir Studio silhouette boudoir photography

01 le boudoir studio silhouette photography02 silhouette boudoir photography03 boudoir photography supermodel set

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