Wrapped in white sheets glamour photography

May 2, 2013

There has come a time in every woman’s life where she has been flipping through a glamour magazine and sees the beautiful women and daydreams that she is the one in the magazine. Let’s face it ladies, if someone would do our hair, makeup, dress us and a professional photographer could pose us to accentuate our best features- wouldn’t we be all in?! Of course we would!

Glamour photography is something we all have grown up seeing in magazines, but Le Boudoir Studio wants to give you the option to have your own glamour photography session where YOU are the special lady being featured!

When it comes to glamour photography sets; we’ve got you covered! From our newest dark and moody, to our bed set with natural light along with other ideas…it’s so much fun! We pride ourselves on helping ladies feel sexy and confident by ensuring they are comfortable with the entire process from start to finish. Jodi Lynn’s main goal is to make her clients feel beautiful after all. Glamour photography is something that every woman should do in their lifetime. It really is a gift to yourself or to that special someone that keeps on giving! Who doesn’t love having amazing photos of themselves that they are proud of?

Some of Jodi Lynn’s favorite photos include sexy intimate photos where the special lady is simply wrapped in white sheets

When our clients book their glamour photography sessions with us sometimes they worry that they won’t find the right outfit especially if they are uncomfortable with lingerie. In one of our favorite shoots we loved how our girl started off with a sexy outfit and as the photography session progressed she slowly “undressed on camera”. There is something very sexy and might we say playful about this type of session. In our opinion one of the sexiest looks we can achieve during an intimate photography session is where a lady is simply looking sexy while wrapped in white sheets! We have used the “wrapped in white sheets” look many times over and always will ensure that you feel comfortable every step of the way. This basically ensures that you are photographed in a sexy fashion all the while being completely or semi covered by our white sheets. Between the sheets and the natural lighting; Jodi Lynn will ensure the pictures come out extraordinary!

Check out the “unwrap me” glamour photography session below…

We believe that our girl rocked her shoot! We hope that glamour photography sessions become part of the norm for all women as we deserve to be pampered from head to toe at least once in our lifetimes! Contact us today to book your shoot with Le Boudoir Studio today!


For more information about glamour photography in Tempe, Arizona, contact us today!

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