Sexy photography experience gifted to a very deserving lady

May 14, 2013

As we go on this journey called life; we make encounter hardships, pain, and sharp left turns when we thought we were going straight. It’s the nature of the game and as women sometimes it feels like we have to keep it all together even in the midst of crazy times. Back in December we created our “Sexy Christmas Wish” contest where we asked our readers to nominate a special lady who deserved to win an entire sexy photography experience. Although we had many great ladies nominated; we of course had votes tallied and there was one clear winner.

Le Boudoir Studio honors a deserving lady with a complimentary sexy photography experience!

Our special lady who won our Sexy Christmas Wish contest is Deirdre. She was nominated by her awesome friend Jen. See Jen’s touching words below:

“A friend of mine lost her son and husband earlier this year and every day she is able to get up every morning and smile through her pain. She needs to get up and out because she is the sole supporter and caregiver to her surviving three children. She inspires me to be better and shows me that when you have to you can get through anything even through excruciating and unimaginable pain.”

Le Boudoir Studio was heartbroken to hear of such a tragedy but knew that this is why we created this contest! We knew that someone may need something such as a sexy photography session in order to help them through whatever they may be encountering in their life. Jodi Lynn even was able to go lingerie shopping with Deirdre! Talk about VIP treatment and Jodi loved every minute of it!

Sexy photography can help a woman boost self confidence and assert her femininity!

Check out our special lady below:

For her last photo during this amazing/emotional shoot, she wanted to honor her late husband by incorporating something sentimental of his:


We are so honored and proud that Deirdre is still able to put a smile on her face despite her tragic losses. We live for putting smiles on women’s faces! Our heart and thoughts will always be with Deirdre. We are so thankful we were able to provide the sexy photography experience to a very deserving lady. Let us know what you think about Deirdre’s session and story. We hope you are inspired to book your sexy photography session too!


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  1. Michelle Meola says:

    Gorgeous woman inside and out… strength beyond measure!

  2. John A Morhet says:

    Thanks, Jen! Dee was precious and deserving.

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