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July 19, 2012

Have we mentioned that we love women?! And we do mean ALL women! It’s no wonder that we surround ourselves with fabulous ladies…even Jodi’s beloved doggy Betsey is a girl!

We not only get the honor of working with such amazing clients, we get the privilege of working with such amazing women at Le Boudoir Studio. You would think that the women who work at the studio would be jumping at the chance to have Jodi do a shoot for them, but you may be surprised to find out that is not the case. Just like all of us women, they have insecurities too! (even knowing that the tool of airbrushing is at their fingertips and is one of the greatest inventions…ever! ;))

In this moment we are referring to our very own Hayley. She has been with Jodi since the very beginning and has seen the business and Jodi grow. Just like flowers need water to grow; Jodi has needed employees such as Hayley to keep watering the business to help it grow. Jodi always wanted to do a shoot for her, but she was not having it! Like many of us, she was like me + boudoir = never gonna happen! Well, we beg to differ Hayley baby because you rocked it girlfriend!

We’re telling you, no means yes when you put a lady in hair and makeup by Erica ! It’s like prom, but oh so much better and might we mention…much sexier!! Hayley turned into a completely different woman and was pure hot hot hotness!

Check her out below…

Making full use of our newest set with the  Hollywood style lighting…

Such a classic look…

She’s so the “naughty librarian”…

You too can be “timid” and have an amazing shoot just like Hayley did. Just kidding Hayley…you know we love you! Doesn’t she look amazing?! You can check out the entire album on our Le Boudoir Studio Facebook page! So when is your shoot scheduled for? We can’t wait to hear from you!


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  1. Erica Smith says:

    hair and makeup provided by Beauty by Erica.

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