Glamour photography allows you to be sweet and sultry

July 26, 2013

Glamour photography is not just about the hair, makeup and what you’re wearing. There is a lot that can go into a photography session. First, deciding what kind of “mood” you want to go for is half the fun, especially when it comes to sexy photography. At Le Boudoir Studio, we have quite a few sets and ways we can “set the mood” for the kind of shoot you’re envisioning.

You can “be” whoever you would like to be for your glamour photography session

One of our recent clients Christine decided she wanted to have two different looks and moods for her glamour photography session. We were happy to oblige! She is an absolute sweetheart who wanted to show off her sweet side with the white lingerie and natural light on our “Princess Set”. She also wanted to show off her inner vixen with a darker look and set on our “Bombshell Set”. Both of the sets resulted in amazing photos and we are sure her hubby was very pleased.

Our Yelp reviews are greatly appreciated and always welcomed!

Our 5 star reviews on Yelp make us smile from ear to ear and remind Jodi Lynn why she does what she does! It is always great to receive such great feedback. Christine was so pleased with her glamour photography session with Jodi Lynn that she decided to review us on Yelp! Check out her fantastic review below:

While at a party, my good friend gushed about her boudoir session at Le Boudoir Studio, & was so eager to show us her photos. She looked phenomenal. Sweet & sultry all at once. If one argued that such a thing was not possible, she would have proven them wrong. I was blown away by how happy – bordering on giddy – my friend looked. As she showed her pictures, she radiated self-confidence; the kind of self-confidence that I believed came from speechless significant-others whose eyes had been glued to an image of their sweets. As for myself, who I must admit was so self-conscious of her own physical appearance to a fault, I called Jodi the next day to set up a session. How awesome it would be to look at my own photos & feel the way my friend did. I showed up for hair &make up with a ridiculously large grin on my face born out of sheer terror & nervousness. I wondered to myself: will they use enough make up to cover my blemishes? I hope they can airbrush out my tan lines. Be careful to suck in my tummy AT ALL TIMES!

I was a silly girl.

The photo session was filled with smiles, giggles, &wide eyed looks accompanied with “oh wow!” as Jodi intermittently showed me photos of myself. The “bubbly” that Jodi made available was not at all necessary as my anxiety had dissipated to a laughable memory. I returned two weeks later for a preview of the photos, expecting to see the fabulously steamy vixen that I saw myself as after leaving the session. I knew the photos would look amazing, but I wasn’t prepared for what I would actually see. I was expecting to see “me” plus perfect hair, make up, professional lighting & photography; but rather, I saw only “me”. I saw myself having fun, smiling, laughing, & being truly beautiful. Who cared about blemishes? My tan lines were endearing, & my tummy looked awesome even though I forgot to suck it in. I looked at myself & loved who I saw in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. I adored my more innocent poses, & happily blushed at the brazen forwardness of others.

The concept of “dressing up” for boudoir sessions has the connotation of pretending to be something that one is not. My experience with Jodi Lynn has been the exact opposite. The “me” that I saw in the photos was naked (literally & figuratively!) I saw a “me” that was free from social norms, distorted self-esteem, & a self-imposed negative body image. That “me” is more real, liberated, & genuine, & it continues to exist long after my boudoir session.

Jodi & her team are personable, fun, kind, & examples of beautiful, self-confident women; & I wonder how much of my new found levels of self-confidence came from just being around their example, with or without photos 🙂

I showed the photos to my husband while waiting in line at the drive-thru, & he was so captivated by the book that he almost rear-ended the car in front of us!

My beautiful (inside and out) sister is getting married this October, & after seeing my pictures & hearing about Jodi Lynn from me, she’s flying from L.A. to Phoenix to meet the lovely ladies of Le Boudoir Studio (& for a photo shoot) as a surprise wedding gift to her future husband 🙂

This was such an awesome surprise to receive! Thank you Christine- we love you! In fact, if you’re reading this and you’d like to review us (and we’d love it if you did!) hop on over to the Le Boudoir Studio Yelp page and let us know your thoughts as Christine and some other ladies have!

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