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July 3, 2012

Do you feel comfortable in front of a camera?

Do you feel comfortable in lingerie?

Better yet, do you feel most comfortable naked?


If you are like most women your answers to those three questions went a little like this…No! …Absolutely not!! … Next question please!! As women we are so self conscious and sometimes can’t fathom the idea of feeling sexy either scantily clad or naked. At Le Boudoir Studio our whole mission is to be a safe haven for women to feel completely comfortable in their own skin. It’s a place that is totally girly and invites women to throw caution to the wind and be totally and completely themselves. The beauty of it, is that Jodi does a fantastic job of coaching and making every woman feel as comfortable as possible. Check out the love notes that she has received from previous clients and you will see what we mean!

We want to introduce you to Donna. Her middle name should be fearless and she shows women every where that there are NO excuses not to do a boudoir shoot with Jodi.

Donna is single (although after her pictures are seen we have a feeling that might be changing 😉 ) Why do we share this little tidbit of information? A lot of women think that they can’t or “shouldn’t” do boudoir photography unless it is for someone else like a significant other. Eh…WRONG! Donna was doing this for herself and we love her for that.

Donna is a grandma and a hot one! A lot of women think that once they become mothers or grandmothers that being sexy is now a thing of the past. Eh…WRONG AGAIN! Donna is a loving and wonderful mother and grandmother, but guess what? She’s also still a sexy woman, and she has not forgotten that.

Donna did not wear lingerie like many women thing boudoir photography is all about. Instead, she went with a sassy sweater and totally rocked it!

What are we getting at here ladies?! It does not matter who you are, what your age is, what your title may be or what you feel most comfortable in…throw out all of the excuses and get your booty some stunning pictures that you will forever cherish.

Donna…we love what a great example you are. We have a feeling women will be looking up to you 🙂






Shall we slip into something a little more comfortable?

Absolute bombshell…

 Convinced yet? You should be! Check out Donna’s pictures on our Facebook page.

What we know for sure is that you are beautiful just as you are. We simply want to showcase that beauty and know that your end result will be stunning. So what are you waiting for? Book today!

Kisses ~ Your Be-YOU-tiful Boudoir Blogger


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  1. Donna Trent says:

    This was my second time having Jodi photograph me and I was nervous both times. Two minutes in front of the camera and she had me laughing and feeling like a million bucks! She walks you through the process step by step and makes it so much fun that you don’t want it to end. Thank you Jodi! I needed to feel like a girl again and you did just that. You do an AMAZING job with the camera!

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