Boudoir Photography Mentorship with Le Boudoir Studio 

If you know Jodi Lynn then you know her focus has always been empowering women and not competing with them. Whether it is in front of the camera or behind the camera, Jodi Lynn wants to help support women in every way. This desire led to the creation of the official Le Boudoir Studio Mentorship program. The countdown for the premiere launch of Le Boudoir Mentorship has started! 


Never stop growing

When speaking about being in the Boudoir business for 12 years, Jodi says, “When I started out doing Boudoir photography in 2009, there was no help or guidance. Boudoir photography had not yet bloomed into what it is now.” She created her Boudoir Mentorship program (and even wrote a book!) as a way to help other women begin or advance their photography business by learning from her experience. Purchase Jodi Lynn’s Lighting and Flow Posing book for a great companion piece to your mentorship order. 



Empower others, never compete

“In photography, there’s enough business for everyone. It’s not a competition”, says Jodi when speaking about her new mentorship program. In Le Boudoir Studio’s official Mentorship program, Jodi will walk you through different lighting techniques, getting your client’s confidence to show through with strategic posing and expert business advice. In boudoir photography, the focus is always on making your client feel and look amazing! As an added bonus, once  you sign up for our waitlist, you will receive the Vixen Preset for Free! What photographer doesn’t love a free preset? 


Invest in yourself and lock in lower pricing now

Photography Mentorships is an investment you make in yourself and your business. You will receive the opportunity to network with other ambitious photographers and learn a new skill set. If you are looking to start your boudoir photography business or want to improve your Boudoir skills, you will benefit from signing up for Jodi Lynn’s Mentorship. The pre-sale begins NOW  and prices will go up on our official launch day of October 15th. Use code LAUNCHPARTY to receive 15% off when purchasing!

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Happy Birthday Le Boudoir! 

It is our 12 year anniversary in August for Le Boudoir and Photography by Jodi Lynn! 12 years ago, Jodi Lynn left her career in Accounting to open her dream photography studio. Now 12 years later, she is the proud business owner of two successful photography brands. Photography by Jodi Lynn captures the sweet moments of family and love. Whereas the beloved Le Boudoir Studio seeks to inspire and show women of all shapes and sizes how beautiful, radiant and sexy they are. 

The Origin of Le Boudoir Studio

Jodi Lynn had always had an interest in photography. She was always told that “No one makes money in Art”. She needed a “real” job. This is what led to getting her Bachelors degree in Accounting and becoming a small business accountant. Photography was still her passion, so she did it as a side gig. The selection of boudoir photographers was small in 2009, and this is where Jodi Lynn really felt the most creative and called to. The turning point was when a woman broke down crying after seeing her photos and proclaimed “I never knew how beautiful I was”. Hearing these words, and seeing the impact was what made Jodi Lynn’s heart burst with “Let’s do this”. With that, she quit her job and focused all her attention into creating her photography business.

 We Couldn’t Do it Without You

It is our birthday, but we would rather treat you, keep reading to see how you can win a mini session! Let’s be honest, Le Boudoir Studio would have never become the empowering and successful place it is without YOU. Whether you have been into our studio once, twice, or a hundred times. You are what makes Le Boudoir Studio amazing. From your referrals and words of praise, you have helped build this brand from a dream in a young woman’s head into a successful business that helps women. 

Our Birthday, but a Treat for You! 

We want to giveaway a free mini session with our brand new shower Scene! The winner of this contest will win a mini photography session in a dramatic and sexy shower. This session will come with at least 10 of our favorite photos of your session. The winner can add on another set if they also add hair and make-up services!

To be entered into this giveaway, leave us a review on Google and that is it! If you have already given us a Google Review, you can leave us a review on Yelp or Facebook! Giveaway will run until September 30th and a winner will be announced Friday, October 1st on our Instagram and contacted via email. 




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Meet Miranda, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.