Capturing Intimate Moments: A Year in Review of Our Boudoir Sessions

December 29, 2023

What a rollercoaster of a year it has been for not only myself, but Le Boudoir Studio and our beautiful community. We have met some incredible women this year, and there are so many memorable boudoir sessions that have been featured on our Spotlight Blog, and so many more that I will personally cherish and have been inspired by. From expanding our studio options, offering new sets, growing our all-women team, and finding new and personalized products for our clients, it’s been a truly amazing year filled with growth, challenges, and new opportunities.

Though we are saying goodbye to the Gilbert studio, I choose to look at it as a new wonderful opportunity for Le Boudoir Studio. We will now have 2 new location options in addition to our current Phoenix studio!

I am in awe of the continued support from both previous, current, and potential future women that share their joy and encouragement for the studio and express their excitement of seeing the new changes that have emerged in 2023.

Reflecting on Boudoir Photography Styles in 2023

When I took over as owner of Le Boudoir Studio, I knew I wanted to experiment with new sets and styles. As a #teammoody gal myself, I craved being able to express my personal tastes while staying true to the brand. Moody boudoir was a huge trend this year and with our addition of the Phoenix studio, we have been able to provide an experience for those that are wanting something a little different than our traditional light and airy style. I was so excited to see the positive response with this new offering, which is why we are happy to add another Moody option, our Mesa location, in 2024!

For those that are a fan of our signature light and airy style, we are happy to announce our Scottsdale location option, which will become our “new Gilbert”. With 3 beautiful options to choose from, we have a location for every personal style!

Another fun creative style we explored this year was our set offerings. We created magical moments with our spicy neon shower scene, wet sets, pin up styling, satin sheets, and moody velour options. We have already planned out more themed sessions for next year and have added them as a Mini option for those that want to dip their toe into the boudoir experience, as well as a fun and new way for our boudoir addicts to add variety to their products and images.

A Peek into the Creative Process of Boudoir Photography

It has been a slightly nerve-wracking but rewarding journey in sharing more behind the scenes and personal stories with our social media followers this year. I had to overcome my shyness in front of the camera and willing to be vulnerable with our viewers, which I feel ultimately has led us to create more meaningful connections with our followers and clients. We have continued to receive a lot of positive feedback regarding this type of content! It allows current and potential clients to see and understand what goes into a boudoir session, how to prepare for it, what to expect, and so much more! We know that boudoir can be a vulnerable and slightly scary experience.

We are also thrilled to have launched our private Women’s Only Facebook Group where we dive into more behind the scenes, tips and tricks on how to prepare for your session, exclusive promotions, cultivate a sense of community, and endless confidence-boosting content that supports you on your self-love journey.

We will continue to be more real and transparent next year to help those searching for this type of service and show them how amazing it really is!

Empowerment Through the Lens: How Boudoir Photography Boosts Confidence

The most amazing gift I have received this year is the feedback I get from our boudoir babes. I feel so honored to get beautiful messages about their experience and interaction with me, and of course their reaction when they see their final images! Each message touches my heart and fuels me to continue to spread the power of boudoir. Our goal is to always provide a safe, relaxing, judgment-free body-positive environment where you can express yourself freely. It can be a transformative experience, boost confidence and self-esteem, and have a lasting impact on your life. Boudoir did exactly that for myself personally, and if I can give that magic to even just one other person, I know that this is what I am meant to do!

Thank you for an incredible year filled with positivity and self-discovery. I have learned so much and feel grateful everyday that I am able to do what I love. It is a true gift to be part of so many beautiful lives and watch each person leave with an experience they can cherish forever.

With love and abundance, 


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