Bombshell of the Month: Ms. M

November 15, 2019


This month, we are pleased to showcase Ms. M, a popular lifestyle blogger here in Arizona, as our Bombshell of the Month. Ms. M writes The Real Housewife of Scottsdale, an online destination for the modern-day mom to enjoy everything glam, charming, and chic. With beauty and style, fitness and wellness, dining and travel inspiration, and plenty of family love, there’s a little bit of something for everyone on Ms. M’s blog. If you’re interested in following Ms. M, you can find her on Instagram @therealhousewifeofscottsdale or visit her website at

We were so happy to be able to shoot this vixen. Not only is she beautiful, she owns the camera like no one else! You can tell that she is a strong, self-possessed woman just by looking at this eye-catching set of photos. If you’re feeling inspired by Ms. M’s shoot, we would love to work with you. Contact Le Boudoir Studio to schedule your Boudoir photoshoot, and you may just be our bombshell next month!   

A Sexy Portrait or Body Shape Photography (or Both!): You Decide

Gorgeous Ms. M decided to do this photoshoot to tantalize her man, and you can tell their connection is sizzling by how steamy these photos came out. More importantly, you can feel the self-love that Ms. M was feeling, as ultimately, boudoir photography is about awakening inner empowerment more than anything else. Fueled by her own sexiness, she certainly brought the fire during this boudoir photoshoot featuring two jaw-dropping looks. 

First, in a white lace teddy from Blossoms and Beehives that brings to mind a glowing bride on her wedding day, Ms. M served glam with sexy portraits that showcase her sensual gaze. We love how confident Ms. M felt in her own skin during this photoshoot, and we aim to bring out the inner sex kitten of all our bombshells this way! 

For her next set, Ms. M donned a temptress look in a black bra and panties and a black lace robe (also from Blossoms and Beehives — you gotta check this place out!). This outfit was perfect for capturing her stunning curves with body shape photography, which is designed to celebrate the female figure. Every pose we use during these shoots is about making our models are comfortable as possible to ensure they are able to ooze self-confidence. We’re sure her and her hubby were thrilled with how this set turned out — we were sure blown away by her!     

Explore Your Sensuality 

If checking out our bombshell has inspired you to tap into your own sensuality, we would love to guide you through the process. At Le Boudoir Studio, we focus on the needs and desires of our clients. Women are at their most beautiful when they’re feeling comfortable in their own skin, and we aim to bring that out of you with every shot. We believe in you!

Ready to get started? Contact Le Boudoir Studio in Phoenix for empowering boudoir photography. 

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