Best Boudoir Lingerie Outfit Ideas

December 7, 2017

At Le Boudoir Studio, we are often asked what are the best things to wear for boudoir photo shoot. Well let us tell you there are many great items you can choose right out of your own closet and not every item needs to be lingerie! If you’re unsure of what to bring we suggest choosing at least one bra and panty set but to let your creativity run wild when it comes to your other options. From his button down to a sexy corset the options are endless. Just be sure to try on items to make sure they have a proper fit before your session. For some of our favorite looks check out this list we put together a list of our favorite boudoir looks to help give everyone a better idea of what to wear to their boudoir shoot.

What to Wear to Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Waist Cinchers- Traditionally, waist cinchers were worn to mold the shape of a woman’s torso into a more aesthetic form. Waist cinchers are a great piece of lingerie for women with a curvier figure because they accentuate the waist and exaggerate cleavage. This is a very sexy look that we suggest accessorizing with thigh highs and a garter belt.

Something of His- Bring something that belongs to your guy. One of his button up shirts and/or his tie. If you or your guy are sports fans wear a sports jersey with some knee-high socks.

A Bodysuit- This is one of our absolute favorite types of lingerie. Not only are bodysuits trendy but they also do wonders for the female body. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious they hide your tummy and accentuate your cleavage. Plus, they come in a variety of styles from sexy lace bodysuits to flirty cotton ones. You can’t go wrong with a bodysuit!

Bra and Panty set with garters and stockings- This is a classic. Bringing a cute bra and panty set to your boudoir shoot is always a good idea. Make the outfit even sexier by adding a garter and pair of seductive thigh high stockings! There are so many poses that show off this look. Our only recommendation is to be sure everything fits well.

Comfy but Sexy- We love this look because it is so genuine and natural. It is always fun for our significant others to see us in sexy lingerie, but they are also attracted to us at our most natural. Wearing undies with a big comfy sweater falling over your shoulder or an oversized shirt can be incredibly sexy and will bring a lot of versatility to your shoot.

Vintage High Waisted- We love the high waisted vintage lingerie look. It is a great way to give your boudoir shoot a unique look and is a very flattering style. You can mix and match different pieces of your lingerie to create the perfect look.

Pin-Up Boudoir- Want to go all the way with a vintage look? Add a pin-up outfit to your session! He’ll love the retro look and sexy vintage lingerie.

Just Sheets- This is such a simple and sexy look. It creates the illusion of being naked without actually having to take it all off. This is also a really economical look — Let’s be honest — Lingerie can get expensive so the sheet look can be a great alternative.

Rock your Birthday Suit- You’ll drive him crazy with his favorite outfit- your birthday suit! Our silhouettes make the perfect setting for showing off your body.

Arizona’s Best Boudoir Studio

Inspired by our favorite outfits? We suggest bringing at least 2-3 extra outfits to your sexy photo shoot just to have options to pick from when you get here. Also check out our Pinterest page for more outfit ideas before your Le Boudoir Studio session.

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