Age ain’t nothing but a number: boudoir after your 30’s

October 27, 2014

When a woman makes the decision to give herself the gift of boudoir photography; there are many thoughts that may cross her mind. Am I pretty enough? Is my body in the right shape? Am I too old? As women we can find nearly any excuse NOT to do something; especially when it comes to “putting ourselves out there.”  Le Boudoir Studio’s entire mission is to help women throw away all the silly excuses and go for it! We can tell you that most of our clients come into the studio a little unsure and nervous about their boudoir photography experience but by the time they’ve gone through the process; they’re hooked!

Boudoir photography at any age

No matter what birthdate is on your driver’s license; you shouldn’t use that as a deterrent to not schedule your very own boudoir photography shoot. At Le Boudoir Studio; age ain’t nothing but a number ladies! Boudoir after your 30’s is awesome and highly recommended. Beautiful is beautiful; at any age. There are no rules or restrictions to who should or should not have boudoir photos taken. If you’ve been following the Le Boudoir Studio blog or the Le Boudoir Studio Facebook page; you’ll see there are no “one size fits all” boudoir photos. To us, all women are beautiful. Period. We love celebrating women at any age.

Ageless boudoir at Le Boudoir Studio

01 boudoir photography at any age02 age aint nothing but a number03 le boudoir studio ageless boudoir

05 black and white boudoir photography

Schedule your boudoir (after your 30’s) shoot with us today! If you wait until everything is just right (it NEVER will be)! We look forward to helping you celebrate your femininity with a boudoir shoot. Boudoir is sexy at any age!


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