They say that you don’t truly know love until you have a child. Mothers can attest to this fact, we’re sure. What an incredible feeling it must be to know that you created this little life and they are literally a part of you. How grand! Jodi Lynn, owner and photographer of Photography by Jodi Lynn has the talent and passion to capture your maternity or newborn photography needs!

Who doesn’t love the smell and warm touch of a newborn baby? Even their little whimpers and cries play your heart strings when you hear them. Parents would sacrifice anything for their little ones and to capture these precious moments on camera is something that Photography by Jodi Lynn has a passion for. We saw baby Jude’s mama Brittany in her maternity photos not too long ago and now we get to see her little one below…

Photography by Jodi Lynn specializes in newborn photography


Isn’t he beary cute???!!!

 Sweet baby boy blue…

Photography by Jodi Lynn L-O-V-E-S shooting maternity and newborn photography

Such a sweet embrace

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There’s nothing more miraculous than a brand new baby. Thank you Brittany and family for letting Jodi capture this little angel on our camera. He is absolutely precious!

Do you or someone you know have a baby on the way? Congratulations! We are so excited for you and hope that you would love to have these memories captured just as Brittany did. If you would like to schedule a maternity/newborn session combination package; we can do that just for you!


Kisses ~

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