Palms Place Suite Boudoir Marathon

April 5, 2010

Here is a preview of the beautiful ladies that signed up for the last Boudoir Event. Everyone was great to work with and had a blast. Also, check out a great testimonial from an amazing client of mine, thanks Susan!!!! See Testimonial below or on the website!

“Eight years ago, due to health complications, I gained 30 pounds. Since then, I’ve gained another 10 to 20 pounds of “happy” weight since meeting my husband…
However, I’ve always liked to think of myself as being pretty self-confident, despite the weight gain and all that comes with it; And when I heard about Jodi’s Boudoir Photography, I just HAD to do it, especially being a photography lover myself.
As it got closer though, I was very nervous about doing my boudoir shoot. Luckily, I managed to resist the nagging in the back of my mind to cancel so I wouldn’t have to face my “body fears” and and I couldn’t be HAPPIER about that decision!!!
Before I even left the shoot that day, I was already benefiting from the experience as a whole! I have to praise the level of comfort Jodi made me feel. She truly practices what she preaches and genuinely knows that ALL women are beautiful! She exudes this throughout the whole shoot and I have NEVER felt more sexy & amazing as I did during & when I was done with my boudoir shoot. Jodi has a talent like none other and her personality makes her passion even more amazing. I felt so comfortable, I even threw my modesty out the window and got some very tasteful & romantic nude shots as well… Something I never, ever would have done before.
Thanks to Jodi Lynn, I am reminded how gorgeous I am, inside AND out. No one will ever understand what an impact this experience has had on me… and how much I’ve realized that I did it, not only as a gift for my husband, but for MYSELF. I needed it… 🙂 If you ask Me, EVERY woman should do this for THEMSELVES as well…
Thanks again, Jodi, for such an AMAZING experience. You have a beautiful soul and genuine talent for reminding us that women are beautiful, no matter what shape or size… and that our “imperfections” are what really make us perfect in Our own ways.
P.S. My husband is also a big fan. He LOVES my photos too. :0)”
Susan Guyette
Las Vegas, NV

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