May 2, 2016

At Le Boudoir Studio, we know the saying “it takes a village” doesn’t only apply to raising children, it definitely applies to growing a business as well! As Jodi Lynn has expanded Le Boudoir Studio in order to reach more lovely boudoir babes, the team has also expanded to accommodate. Our dynamic team of ladies is a force to be reckoned with, and each person brings unique and integral strengths to the table.

Miss Sylvia has been with Le Boudoir Studio since November of 2014, and she started with the studio as a super dedicated, intern extraordinaire! Her determination and ability to wear multiple hats within the office, lead to a position as a boudoir photographer in the studio line-up. Sylvia is such an incredible asset to Le Boudoir Studio, and we are so excited to be giving her the spotlight this week as our featured studio member!




Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Mademoiselle Boudoir

What first interested you in boudoir photography?

I would probably say what first got me interested in Boudoir was the old Vargas Pin-Up girls. In high school I was very involved in Fashion Classes and Clubs. We studied different time periods and I always loved lingerie and how many different styles there were over time from corsets to high-waisted panties to lace body suits that we love today! I’ve photographed multiple clients in the same outfit but every time it’s photographed it’s different in ways only individual to them. 

Of all your different responsibilities in the studio, which is your favorite?
 This is a tough one! Especially since I started out as an intern and have huge range of responsibilities that have been added over time. At the moment my favorite would have to be greeting our clients when they come in. I love welcoming our client into the studio and making her feel as comfortable as possible. I’ve been described as “bright eyed and bushy tailed” since I was 5 and I think that my enthusiasm is at its peak when I first meet our client. I love offering waters and asking what type of music they want to listen too. Music can be so personal so for me it’s just another way for me to get to know our clients. Plus, a photoshoot is THE best thing you’ll all day! So I want to make sure they have a great time. 
Which is your favorite set to photograph, and why?
When I started at the studio my favorite was the Dream set (our Pink Sofa) it’s was just so girly and pink! I couldn’t get enough of it. Plus, Jodi asked me to model for it for her first session on the set and I felt like a supermodel! But now I would say the Natural Set. Not a lot of ladies pick it but those who do- rock it! There’s really no furniture on the set so it is all about the client and her body. It’s more intimate to me how we highlight their natural curves and facial features as well :).
Enough about work, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
My boyfriend thinks I’m cuckoo  but Pumpkin Pie Gelato with graham crackers. Sometimes Talenti will come it with out of season and it makes my day! Haha!
Describe your perfect day:
April 25th. Because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. I hope at least one person laughed at that, haha, my real perfect day would be laying in hammock in a tropical location on a beach or in view of one with sun kissed skin next to my boyfriend talking about the universe, life, and just enjoying what I consider to be the true beauties of our daily existence. I don’t think people are meant to work all day in small rooms with little to no natural light, we should spend more times outdoors! 
What song is your anthem right now?
Dangerous Woman by Arianna Grande 
What is something you would like to check off your bucket list this year?
Become more grounded, I’ve feel like over last few years I’ve changed my way of life quite a bit, and I think a major bucket list goal would be just focusing more energy on that. I also would like to “de-clutter” my apartment a bit (I’m a bit of a hoarder, haha!)
Finally, what would be your superpower, and how would you use it to better the world?
By asking this I assume you don’t already know I have super powers because I haven’t shown them off yet, haha, just kidding! I would probably say my super power would Plant Manipulation, so a much less evil Poison Ivy. I would use it to stop food shortages and help scientist create non harmful pesticide alternatives so that all our food can be organic. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Sylvia more as much as we enjoy having her as a part of our boudoir family! To learn more about the whole Le Boudoir sisterhood, check out our studio bio blog!

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