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January 24, 2013

Hey beautiful!

If you are thinking about hiring a boudoir photographer to do a sexy photography session for you we are sure there are a lot of questions you may have! We’ve got you girl and totally get it 🙂 Here at Le Boudoir Studio we are all about making the clients that come into our boudoir studio feel as comfy as possible from the moment they contact us via our website or phone, to the moment they walk into the boudoir studio the day of their intimate boudoir shoot! Check out our FAQ’s below:

Where is the studio located?

Private Home Studio
2833 E. Appaloosa Rd.
Gilbert Az 85296
Off Higley and Warner in Gilbert Arizona, not to worry, we service the entire valley and even surrounding states! GILBERT, PHOENIX, SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA AND SURROUNDING AREAS

Is there a retainer/deposit required before I can book my shoot?

Yes, we request a retainer of $150.00 or 25% of your package, whichever is greater to hold your shoot time frame that will be funded towards your package that you would like to purchase.

Is there a retainer required if I have a gift card or voucher (Living Social, Groupon etc)?

Exceptions can apply if you have a voucher or gift card to redeem; no retainer or a smaller retainer may be required in this case. Please call the studio at (480) 495-5455 for more details if needed

How can I use my gift card(s), coupon(s) or voucher(s)?
Gift cards, coupons and vouchers may be used towards full priced packages for clients who have not chosen a date or put down their deposit; no other discounts or offers can be combined. Please treat your gift cards, coupons and vouchers as cash; cannot replace lost or stolen gift cards, coupons or vouchers. You must mention gift card at booking to qualify for discount
Please contact the studio with any questions.

How do I pay my retainer?

There are two options:

  1. We only hold your spot after deposit is received   Call us at the studio (480) 495-5455 with your credit card information and we will run it with you over the phone (easy peasy!)
  2. If your too busy to chat, not to worry! You can always book straight through our booking site!

What if I already paid my retainer and I have to re-schedule or cancel? 🙁

Your retainer is good for 6 months. If you cancel within 1 week, your reschedule fee is 50% of your retainer/deposit.

If you request to reschedule your session 2 times; the third session date will incur an additional $50 fee. All deposits are non refundable. Please see contract for more details; information subject to change without notice.

Are hair and/or makeup required as part of any package?

Yes and read on to see why!

At Le Boudoir Studio we believe all women are beautiful just as they are. We are all about the “boudoir experience”. The boudoir experience really begins with professional hair and make-up. Lucky for you, our hair and make-up artists are professionals who know how to make you look your best. We want your experience to be wonderful from start to finish. It is not only essential for you to create amazing boudoir photographs; it’s great for you too! Think…relaxing, pampering and beautifying!

Our professional lighting will tone down “everyday” makeup 30-50% so having a professional makeup artist do your makeup the day of the shoot is not only part of the overall bombshell experience, it will ensure you have stunning photographs. Our beauty artists really know how to add some extra “Va Va Voom”!

Having your hair done for a boudoir session is so important. It will make you feel amazing and look fabulous because our artists know how to style specifically for incredible images. We all know the dreaded “bad hair days” that us girls deal with and we definitely don’t want you experiencing that on the day of your shoot!

When you book your shoot we will schedule your hair and makeup with our fabulous hair/makeup artists to ensure you get the pampering you deserve before your sexy shoot! You deserve the whole enchilada girlfriend! Please come to the studio with dry hair that is ready to be curled/styled and a clean face so the artists can use all of their glamour tools on you as soon as you sit in the chair.

What are the benefits of Le Boudoir Studio’s hair and make-up artists being part of the boudoir packages?Get to know Jodi Lynn prior to your shoot (the more comfortable you are; the better your pictures come out! Trust us!)

  • Option of finalizing your outfit choices with the artist and/or Jodi Lynn (includes the use of studio accessories and styling tips!)
  • Feel extra glamorous because you’re getting a “brand new” look. (you’ll still be beautiful you- but with some glam!)
  • Fabulous eyelashes! (make a huge difference)
  • Our artists know our sets and our lighting (huge benefit!)
  • Your own make-up can “disappear” under our lighting causing your pictures to look like you have none on. (We don’t want that!)
  • You will feel and LOOK like a supermodel. We think every woman should experience that at least once in her life.
  • You’ll feel so great after your shoot that you can make a day or night out of it – and won’t have to worry about “getting ready”

I feel comfortable doing my own hair and/or make-up; why is professional hair and make-up required?

Our artists are familiar and professionally trained in photography make-up. They understand the studio lighting and know that in order for your pictures to come out amazing; they will need to increase the amount of make-up applied. See our “Dolled Up” section to read more.

If you are doing a pin up boudoir photography shoot; it is essential that our artists do your hair and make-up! Pin up hair and make-up requires talent; our artists will ensure that you look like an authentic pin up girl.

I am a hair and/or make-up artist or have someone that I’m comfortable with already.

We understand that you may be hesitant to hire another artist if you are one yourself or if you have someone you feel comfortable with. Please know that to us, it’s not just about the professional hair and make-up; it’s really about the pampering and relaxing experience prior to your shoot. The boudoir experience is all about you feeling and looking your best. Professional hair and make-up are step one.

Are there any exceptions to the professional hair and make-up requirement?We offer “make-up” only packages to the ladies who have “hard to manage” hair or special circumstances that would make it challenging for our artists to work with. Please discuss when booking your boudoir session.

What should I wear to my shoot?

Please wear something loose and comfortable to our studio. We also recommend not wearing undergarments because the elastic causes redness on the skin.  Robes are also great to bring to cover up between sets. We DO NOT recommended SPF lotions on your face as it can cause your skin to look greasy. On the other hand, we DO recommend regular body lotion to make sure your skin in smooth and moisturized. Remember it’s an all ladies studio, so come fresh, clean and comfy…leave the transformation stuff to us!

What should I bring with me the day of my shoot?

Although lingerie is a popular choice, it is completely up to you! If you do opt for lingerie, please make sure that YOU feel sexy in whatever you choose; that’s the most important part. If you do not feel comfortable in lingerie, you can wear anything you feel sexy in. One of our favorite ideas are corsets! They slim your waist and make “the girls” look good! Check out our boudoir outfit ideas blog!

We are also able to do tasteful nude shots if you should choose to do so. Some ladies like the “wrapped in sheets” look where they wear simply heels/accessories.

The day of the shoot we will work together to make sure we get all of the sets, looks, outfits that you choose. Trust us, we have had some shy ladies come in, but once they are all bibbity bobbity boo’ed into a vixen; they come alive on camera!

Please bring at least four or five outfits, accessories, heels or props you would like to use for your shoot. We always recommend “over packing” for your shoot too! You never know what you will feel best in the day of and we are here for advice; we love playing dress up!

Examples of what to bring include: lingerie, clothing (optional *wink), heels, stockings, panties (black works well), supportive bra(s), jewelry, props (such as a guitar or jersey), oh yeah and don’t forget to bring your saucy side…this is going to be one of the most fun experiences you’ve ever had!

Should I get my nails done?

Your nails will most likely be in some shots, so please make sure that if you do not get a manicure/full set beforehand that your nail polish is not chipped. We would recommend French manicures for hands and toes as it is classic and will not distract from you or your outfits.

If you prefer a color, we would recommend a more natural/nude color to ensure it does not clash.

Come on ladies, who needs an excuse to get a mani/pedi anyway? 😉

I’m feeling a little pasty; should I  get a spray tan or lay out before my shoot?

Absolutely not! We love natural skin!

If you feel more comfortable with a natural tan please try and avoid getting tan lines. Also, burned or peeling skin is not sexy and is very hard to edit.

For spray tans or self tanner, we definitely do not recommend the use of either one. If you opt to use either a spray tan or self tanner; you may forfeit the use of certain sets for risk of the solution bleeding on to our beautiful sets. Please note that spray tans and self tanner do not photograph well in most cases.

What if I need some liquid courage? 

Feel free to bring in any alcoholic beverage(s) that will help you relax and enjoy your boudoir experience. We have a mini fridge to keep it chilled and glasses for you to use. Trust us, once you get to the studio and get started you will feel at ease with Jodi and our professional staff.

What about music?

YES! Music is always used during our shoots. If you want to bring your I Pod; feel free! If you don’t have an I Pod, we have Alexa ready to go! We simply want you to get lost in the music, atmosphere and your own sexy world

What if I have acne or some other imperfections that I don’t want to show in my photographs? Do you airbrush the photos?

SUPERMODEL BONUS! We have amazing editing and airbrush tools that we will use to edit your photos after all is said and done. My team has been carefully trained retouch your entire order including blemishes, skin softening, dark eyes etc. Please know that we will never edit your body unless there is something that shouldn’t be there like a bulge because of an outfit constraint; like a bra strap. We want you to look as natural as possible; after all no one is Barbie, but we could all use a little skin softening sometimes!

Don’t worry it will be our little secret *wink

How will I know how to pose?

As your photographer, I will be coaching you and posing you to accentuate your best features. This is all about YOU feeling comfy and sexy so we will work together to make sure that happens!

I will be instructing you on where to look, where to put your hands/feet; the whole thing! I will never expect you to pose yourself. I’ve photographed many women and know how to make you look your best. I want you to have the supermodel experience, but will never expect you to “work it”. I’m here working with you and for you. We will laugh and you will have an amazing experience!

Is boudoir photography for me? I’m still a bit nervous!

Feeling nervous is completely normal! The fun part of the boudoir experience is that it really is for the everyday woman! We believe confidence is the number one key to getting what you want out of life; a woman plus confidence…watch out!

Whether your shoot is for that special someone or simply for your eyes only; you will never regret the end result! We have so much fun with you during the day of the shoot and once you see your bombshell pictures; you’ll be so happy you did this!

What if I look nothing like the girls on your website?

Waking up and rolling out of bed looking fabulous is simply the life of movie stars and models! No one looks that way or is perfect. All of the girls on the website are “everyday” women just like you. With the use of hair, makeup, lighting, posing, and sexy outfits; we’ve got you covered! You will look amazing; trust me! I’d encourage you to check out our before and after blog to see what I mean!

How soon will I see my photos after the shoot?

An Online viewing will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks after your session; depending on availability. This is a time for you pick out your photos in the comfort of your own home. There will be a $50 fee if you dont have your photos picked out within 14 days so we can reactivate your online viewing site.

Any more questions?

We are here for YOU and your experience so any questions or concerns you have are always welcome. Just send us an email or call us; just think of us as one of your new best friends! We are super excited to meet you; so we hope to be hearing from you soon to get your once in a lifetime boudoir shoot on the books!


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  7. Jeff Grasham says:

    Are your services gender friendly I am a cross dresser and have always wanted to have a photo shoot in femme I would love to do this at a safe and discreet does this describe your studio thanks Jasmine

  8. Zach says:

    Do you allow couples to be fully nude during a shoot?

  9. Jessica Christianson says:

    I do see that we’re to bring in our own outfits… is there any option to have outfits provided? Wasn’t sure if you may already have a collection of lingerie for various sizes.

    After completing our family, I’ve been on a weight loss journey finally reaching my goals. Would love to set this up, but will have to factor in lingerie prices too otherwise.

    Thank you!

    • Jodi says:

      Hey Jessica!
      Congrats on your family and weight-loss journey:) We will actually be able to send you tons of shopping places to check out or you are welcome to see what we have in the studio a few weeks before your scheduled date but in studio is very minimal. We also have most gals do the “wrapped in sheets” set for one of their outfits as well! I am happy to go over tons of outfit ideas to keep the cost for you more minimal as well:) Heres a link to book when you are ready! After this I will send lots of info your way! http://www.leboudoirstudio.com/packages we cant wait to meet you!!!

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