Waking up and rolling out of bed looking fabulous is simply the life of movie stars and models! No one looks that way or is perfect. All of the girls on the website are everyday women just like you. With the use of hair, makeup, lighting, posing, and sexy outfits; weve got you covered! You will look amazing; trust me! Id encourage you to check out our before and after blog to see what I mean!


What if I look nothing like the girls on your website?

Feeling nervous is completely normal! The fun part of the boudoir experience is that it really is for the everyday woman! We believe confidence is the number one key to getting what you want out of life; a woman plus confidence watch out! Whether your shoot is for that special someone or simply for your eyes only; you will never regret the end result! We have so much fun with you during the day of the shoot and once you see your bombshell pictures; you'll be so happy you did this!

Is boudoir photography for me? I’m still a bit nervous!

How will I know how to pose?

What if I have acne or some other imperfections that I don't want to show in my photographs? Do you airbrush the photos?

As your photographer, I will be coaching you and posing you to accentuate your best features. This is all about YOU feeling comfy and sexy so we will work together to make sure that happens! I will be instructing you on where to look, where to put your hands/feet; the whole thing! I will never expect you to pose yourself. Ive photographed many women and know how to make you look your best. I want you to have the supermodel experience, but will never expect you to work it. I'm here working with you and for you. We will laugh and you will have an amazing experience!

SUPERMODEL BONUS! We have amazing editing and airbrush tools that we will use to edit your photos after all is said and done. My team has been carefully trained retouch your entire order including blemishes, skin softening, bags under the eyes etc. Please know that we will never edit your body unless there is something that shouldn't be there like a bulge because of an outfit constraint; like a bra strap. We want you to look as natural as possible; after all no one is Barbie, but we could all use a little skin softening sometimes! Don't worry it will be our little secret *wink