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March 30, 2023

If you were looking for a reason…I brought you 11! 

What is boudoir? Maybe you’ve heard the term before, maybe you even know someone who has done a session (you probably do and might not even know it!). I like to describe boudoir as a type of photography that captures intimate and sensual images of a person, often a woman, in a bedroom or other private space. 

At Le Boudoir Studio, we offer tasteful and high-quality boudoir photography at our Gilbert and Phoenix studios. Boudoir can be literally anything you want it to be, all depending on your comfort level and personal style. It doesn’t have to be all about lingerie, or even getting naked! 

So…why do people book a boudoir session? There are honestly hundreds, even thousands of reasons why, but I’ve compiled a list of the most common answers I get from my personal clients. No matter your age, size, shape, background, or style, I promise you’ll resonate with at least one of these reasons. We are all human, and we all deserve to feel beautiful, confident, and pampered!

11 Reasons why:

    1. It’s an experience of a lifetime. First and foremost, I personally believe every woman should experience the power of boudoir at least once in their life. It’s a transformative and empowering experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s a day to treat yourself to professional hair and makeup, maybe a mani/pedi, a reason to shop for a new piece of clothing, and have a personal hype crew getting you glammed and glowing for the camera. You will truly feel like a Supermodel for a day! 
    2. It’ll boost your confidence. Don’t just take our word for it! We can’t tell you how many gals (during, and long after their session) say, “I’ve never felt this beautiful”, or “I didn’t think I could ever look like that”, or “You made me feel so good about myself”. Hearing things like this, and seeing you tap into that inner bombshell that has always been there  is really why we do what we do here at Le Boudoir Studio. Whenever I am feeling not so “hot”, I pull out my boudoir album and it’s always a nice little reminder to myself! We want to show you that you’re truly beautiful, inside AND out and the proof will be in your images that will last you a lifetime. Read over 150 5-Star Reviews here.
    3. How do you show your body some love? Let’s be honest; we are our own worst critics. We also tend to push ourselves overboard both physically and mentally. I know I do! Our bodies do a lot for us, and it’s important to take time to give back to ourselves. Maybe your body has been through health issues, given birth, ran marathons, or won fitness competitions! It deserves a break, and some self-love! Whatever your self-proclaimed “flaws” are (if any!) or your best features, we make sure to have a conversation with each individual client to understand what they love, maybe don’t love as much, or would like to learn to love more. Because boudoir is an investment, we customize your poses to your specific preferences. With us, boudoir does not have to be a “bare it all” approach. We understand that everyone is on their own unique self-love journey and relationship with their body. Let us show you how you look through our eyes!
    4. It’s a great way to document your health journey. We believe in loving your body at every stage of your life. If you’re going through a physical fitness journey, a boudoir session is the perfect way to document your progress, and just love your body as it is right now. Some of our boudoir addicts come in every couple of years to show off just that-regardless if they reached their ideal goal or not. They are constantly learning to love their changing bodies, and we think that is absolutely beautiful!
    5. This one is for my busy Mom’s. When was the last time you had a day for yourself? If you can’t think of an answer, then this blog is your SIGN that you definitely need to book a boudoir session! You do so much for your family and constantly pour from an empty cup. You deserve a day of pampering, tapping into your sensuality, and just plain feeling good! You’ll come back refreshed and will always look back on this day as something you did for YOU. Mom’s should be celebrated and feel sexy as well.
    6. Wondering how to #treatyoself for your birthday? Why not celebrate yourself and book your very own photoshoot?! It’s a reason to go shopping, get your hair and nails done, and have a private Supermodel experience. Plus, you’ll already be hair and makeup ready for your evening plans! Are you ready to give yourself the ultimate self-love gift?
    7. A boudoir shoot makes for a unique and extra-special wedding gift! Getting married soon and not sure what to give your significant other for your wedding gift? During your session, you can bring your veil, garter belt, bouquet, a piece of your S.O’s clothing, or other sentimental items just to name a few. We offer high-quality luxury custom albums, digital images, and printed canvases that are sure to WOW your future spouse!  A boudoir session is a gift for YOU and THEM…it’s a win-win!
    8. Didn’t get a chance to book before your big day? Boudoir sessions always make a spicy Anniversary gift! Did you know that the traditional first year anniversary gift material is paper which is perfect for boudoir, but it will be a hit for any year! What do you get the partner who has everything or is hard to shop for? YOU of course!
    9. Document your pregnancy. Maternity boudoir is becoming more and more common in recent years. Celebrating this milestone in your life and appreciating your changing body and new life growing inside you is exciting! Because this time is fleeting, a maternity boudoir shoot will allow you to have timeless images to look back on and cherish for a lifetime. They are a great reminder of your strength, power, and beauty.
    10. Spice up your relationship. When there is a special spark and passion between two people it is awesome to capture their love on camera. A boudoir album can make a great gift for your significant other, OR they can even join in on the fun! Couples boudoir makes for the absolute best daytime date. You can continue the fun after with a romantic lunch or dinner. It’s a chance to rekindle that spark between the two of you, and forever preserve this once in a lifetime experience with stunning photos that you’ll look back on for years to come. This would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion
    11. Just BECAUSE! There is really no better reason than to book a boudoir shoot purely and unapologetically for yourself. 

You may feel nervous, scared, and vulnerable. I’m here to let you in on a little secret…that’s totally normal! 95% of my clients are all first-timers, and I guarantee that each of them have felt this way before their shoot. You owe it to yourself to push your fears aside, and to own your time. No one is ever truly “ready”…and if you wait for that day it may never come, and you’ll look back and wish you had. We will be waiting just on the other side of your comfort zone with love, support, encouragement, and expertise. 

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