Le Boudoir Studio’s owner and photographer Jodi Lynn has an adventurous side. Jodi has her Tempe, Arizona studio where she does most of her intimate photography shoots but she also scopes out some discreet yet beautiful places to shoot outdoors in sunny Arizona. Something you probably didn’t know about Jodi Lynn is that she is from none other than Las Vegas, Nevada! Besides all the obvious reasons to visit Las Vegas, she makes it a point to head back to her old stomping grounds and do Las Vegas boudoir marathons!

Introducing Le Boudoir Studio’s Las Vegas Intimate Photography Marathon September 2013- accepting appointments now!

What is a Las Vegas boudoir marathon? Jodi Lynn travels to Las Vegas with all of her professional equipment and stays in a fabulous suite at one of the hotels (which is determined closer to the date of the boudoir marathon). Since she is from Las Vegas she has hair and makeup artists booked for these events ahead of time. Now all she needs are the fabulous clients to book intimate photography shoots! It’s like being at the studio by way of being greeted and having the professionals do all of the hard work but we are able to get brand new “sets” depending on what the suite looks like! It’s super fun and being in Sin City brings out the vixen in everyone!

Intimate photography is so much fun in a Las Vegas suite

We were just in Las Vegas doing a boudoir marathon in May 2013. Check out some of the fun we had:

Whether you’re in Vegas for a girl’s weekend or with your honey ~ it’s always a good idea to book an intimate photography session with Le Boudoir Studio! Check out our Vegas girls on our website!





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Hello beautiful ladies ~

Here at Le Boudoir Studio we are having tons of fun. We love the studio and all of the amazing beauties we get to shoot here at home but you know what?  We think it’s about time that get ourselves back to none other than Sin City. We hear the city beckoning to us and saying …laaaaddddiieeeessss I’m waiting for you to show us what you’ve got.

What’s one of the best feelings in the entire world? To have something to look forward to of course! 🙂

Whether you are traveling to us or already live in Sin City, we can’t wait to work with you! Throw in a booked boudoir session with Jodi Lynn and you’re set! Drum roll please….we’ve decided that our next dates will be September 15-17th, 2012! Go grab your calendar and write that down!

Where else can you feel free to act out or at least play into your sinful side? 😉 Make a girls trip out of it or sneak away from your honey and join us in our special hotel room for your shoot.

Bonus! Pre-book by July 31st and get an auto cha ching $50 off!

Check out our last Las Vegas boudoir marathon at The Palms Place hotel with Tanille….


The fun continued on with Amber…


You can always check out Amber and Tanille’s photos on our Facebook page

There’s something erotic and somewhat forbidden about a hotel room in general. Once you walk through the doors you can take on another persona and become the hot sexy vixen that you are on the inside. We look forward to meeting you in Vegas and although they say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, trust us you won’t want to hide your amazing self.

We also have a HUGE and exciting announcement! We now have a site dedicated to our Vegas girls! Please check it out. It’s oozing with sexiness and all of the information you need to book your shoot with us in the fabulous city.   

We are oh so excited!

Kisses ~ Your Be-YOU-tiful Boudoir Blogger

  1. Tanille Dalley Hutchings says:

    This was so exciting for me to see!!!! Girls you should all go do this if you are thinking about it, one of the best experiences I have ever had!

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